Planning & Traveling On a Budget

Are you in the need of a vacation? Do you need a few days (or weeks) for a break to just get away but don’t have a really high budget for doing so? Here are some tips for traveling on a budget that will help you get through your vacation without overspending so that you can come home with a little extra cash in your pocket for your daily lifestyle needs.

Traveling On a Budget

The “Dont’s”

Here is a list of things NOT to do while on your vacation or on the days leading up to it. These practices will usually get you in trouble and have you spending money which you usually don’t even have.

  1. Don’t be spontaneous. Yes we all need to be spontaneous at some point in our lives, especially when we are on a much needed vacation. But if you are trying to come out on top of things in terms of you checking accounts balance, then you want to make sure that you are limiting your spontaneity. If you are going to participate in a little adventure here and there, make sure that you have money set aside for it so that you can pony up when the time comes.
  2. Don’t bring your credit card. If you are going to go on vacation, a good way to save money (especially in the long run) is to make sure that you aren’t going to be paying any interest on the all of the activities and items you purchased while you were away on vacation.
  3. Don’t take a taxi everywhere. If you are in a tourist type area, there is usually some sort of public transportation method that you can take full advantage of. Whether it’s the subway, the bus, or the metro be sure to take full advantage. Make sure you know the routes and times of these systems.

The “Do’s”

For every “don’t” there are many more “do’s.” Traveling on a budget can be fun and easy. With a little bit of discipline and planning ahead, you can follow these “do” tips to make sure you stay within your budget on your vacation.

  1. Travel off-peak. Thinking about traveling during the holidays or even during the weekend? Try instead to travel midweek or at periods of time during the holidays where the airways and roadways aren’t as busy. Plane tickets as well as gas prices will be a lot lower – as well as hotel prices as many hotel management companies will tell you.
  2. Consider capitalizing on weak exchange rates. Consider going to a country that will allow your dollar to go further than it ever has before so that you are not wasting money (in fact gaining some in the form of assets) on currency exchange rates.
  3. Go “ALL INCLUSIVE”. If there is anything that you have learned from you high school or college spring break ventures is that it pays to go all inclusive. This includes meal plans, room and board, and the whole 9 yards. You will save money on eating out and it is pretty much like having your own catering service.
  4. Find budget travel hotels. Just because you are going on vacation doesn’t mean that you have to spend the majority of your money on the hotel that you are staying at.

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