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With every second travel blogger telling you about the things to do while travelling, it becomes equally important to make a note of things not to be done while travelling.

This piece of information is compiled on the basis of several experiences shared by varied travelers on the online platforms; their experiences remark to the common mistakes or troubles encountered by people while travelling.

It is always good to learn from your mistakes; it is even better to learn from others’ mistakes!

Enlisted below are the most important points to be kept in mind while travelling.

Pain-Free Travel Tips

1)  Do not stay at unreliable hostels or guesthouses!

It is always better to plan your stay too when you plan your travel. In case you opt for on-arrival room booking, make sure that you pre-gather the information (from the reliable sources) about the good staying options. Never be fooled by the local representatives or taxi drivers offering you heavy discounts on hotel rooms. It is always safe to go pre-planned!

2)  Do not carry unnecessary luggage!

Though vacations and travel sound exciting and you always tend to pack all your favorite dresses, personal stuff and lot of accessories, but you should keep your travel as light weight as it can be.

Carry the bare minimum essentials so that you enjoy the travel instead of worrying and carrying your luggage all the time.

3)  Do not completely cut off from the world!

For many, travel means to get totally aloof of the routine life, disconnect all connections from the social networks to enjoy the time with surroundings and one-self. But it is always advisable to keep in regular touch with people who concern so that your safety is ensured.

4)  Do not try to save on travel insurance!

It is always better to get your travel insured so as to prevent any adverse outcomes before or during the travel. Many think it as a waste of money for which they have to regret later on.

5)  Do not forget to study your destination!

A city guide and travel guide is the best companion while travelling to a new destination. A brief research on the route and destination not only makes the whole journey all the more fun, but also lets you to take necessary steps beforehand. Be prepared for the weather conditions, hygienic conditions, legal and cultural concerns, food and currency of the place you are visiting.

6)  Do not be careless about your travel documents, currency and expensive possessions!

Keep your passport and other travel documents updated and packed in safe place. Do not display your money and belongings in public. It is advisable to keep the valuables packed in different slots.

7)  Do not get too excited!

Travel and holiday is always about having fun and adventure but it is better to keep your limits defined. Partying hard and getting drunk is safe only at safe places. The adventure sports must be undertaken under proper guidance.

8)  Do not hesitate to complain!

Whenever you find yourself getting into a problem or unsafe encounter, do not hesitate to seek help or register a complaint. The information of local safety authorities becomes helpful at such instances.

I also recommend checking out reviews. I was recently in Toronto and got injured, I searched for reviews and found Jeremy Diamond. I looked for a rating of 4 stars or higher. Make sure to do the same when searching for hotels and flights. It will save you a lot later on.

You should also responsibly complain about the travel or hotel room experience if you feel it is below the standards that were promised to you.

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