Dehradun Tourist Attraction

Dehradun is a gorgeous destination to visit in the country of India. It is located in the northern part of the country and is visited by travelers from different parts of the globe. The state of Dehradun receives that maximum number of tourists in the winter season. This is because the snowfall that takes place over here during this season, and is normally pleasing to the eyes, hence it’s worth looking at. The snowfall occurs in bits and starts and moving about in the state is something that is not too difficult for travelers at this point in time. The Indian state of Dehradun is one that is characterized by vast natural beauty. In fact it is the natural beauty that prevails over here which makes travelers so interested in visiting this destination. The lakes gardens and parks in the state are open to access for tourists. A good network of public transport also prevails in the Indian state of Dehradun.

There are buses and taxis which operate on a regular basis over here. The buses are cheaper than the taxis but the taxis are a lot more efficient and are a better mode of transport to opt for. There are also rental car services which travelers can utilize when they arrive in the Indian state of Dehradun. The rental car services are moderately priced and cater to tourists of all possible budgets in the state. The rental cars feature large vehicles that have comfortable seating arrangements. The drivers of the hired cars in the state are well versed with the location of all the major tourist destinations hence opting for these services would certainly be convenient if one were interested in touring around the state is a manner that is smooth and hassle free.

Best Time to Visit Dehradun

The perfect time for travelers to visit the Indian state of Dehradun is the season of winter. Although summer is better in terms of comfort it is only in winter that one can actually experience snowfall taking place over here. The season of summer starts during the month of March and lasts till about the month of June. The summer season features bright sunshine and minimal rainfall. The average temperature that prevails in the state during this season is about thirty degrees Celsius. A cold wind blows from time to time making travelers over here feeling very relaxed and happy. The monsoon season starts from the month of July and continues in to the last days of the month of September. This is a period of very heavy rainfall.

Rainfall takes place non stop and often it become quite difficult to navigate around the various tourist destinations during this time. The streets are not water logged given that the Indian state of Dehradun is a hill station. However it becomes quite risky to walk on the streets in the rainy season. It is therefore winter which is ideal for visiting the state at least from the point of view of the travelers to the state. There is no rainfall in the winter season and the sun shines as brightly as ever. Winds tend to become a lot more chilly as a result of which wearing the warmest woolen clothes is desirable when visiting the state of Dehradun in the season of winter. Wearing warm shoes is also advisable.

Main Attractions in Dehradun

The Khalanga War Memorial

The Khalanga War Memorial

This is one of the largest monuments that one can come across in the Indian state of Dehradun. It is quite massive in its height and is located in the heart of the city of Dehradun. The monument is one that was constructed by the British while they were in India. The purpose of the monument was to commemorate the famous Gurkha regiment of the Indian army. These are the most valiant group of soldiers in the Indian army even today. The Kalinga War Memorial is about a hundred years old and is open to access on the part of travelers to the city. It lies in the main market square and is a sight that is indeed very beautiful to behold. There is no entry fee for accessing the monument. Tourists can click as many pictures as they would like to of this monument. Photography is not something that is restricted.

The monument is something that is very easy for travelers to access given that its location is very central. One can easily hop onto a bus in order to make one’s way to this monument. One can also hire a cab and get to this attraction in a convenient manner. The hired cars in the city operate between ten in the morning and six in the evening. The hired car services are not too expensive. If one wants intends touse the services of this tranport system to get to this monument, then one would not have to pay more than five hundred INR.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower Dehradun

This is a British construction in the state of Dehradun in India. It is quite predictable in its form and is not too splendid a monument. However it does have a great deal of significance and is something which was constructed during British rule. The clock tower is one that has a central location just like the Kalinga War Memorial. It is a brick structure that features a gigantic clock in the middle. The brick is very sturdy and this monument has been in existence for quite some time now. The monument remains standing as it was when erected and has not been damaged in any manner to date. The Clock Tower is one that is reminiscent of most British monuments. It is British in its architecture.

Tourists from all over make their way to this monument. There are no entry charges that have to be paid. One can go and visit this monument without paying any money at all. The hired cars in the city can be used to travel to the clock tower in Dehradun. The hired cars are capable of reaching this destination in a much quicker manner than the buses and the taxis. It is also a lot more comfortable to travel via the hired cars than to use public transport. The clock tower is barricaded and if one intends to get close to the tower then one will have to make one’s way through this barricade. Photographs can be taken from every angle on the part of travelers when they arrive at this monument.

The Museum

Dehradun Museum

There is one very large and well known museum in the city of Dehradun for those who love history and culture. The museum is located near the main market area and houses the history of the city from the time that is came into existence in the medieval period until the present day. This museum is still run by state authorities as a result of which it is very well looked after. The museum charges an entry fee from those who wish to explore it. The entry fee is not much and ranges between fifty to a hundred INR. The entry fee is slightly higher than usual during the weekends. This is when the maximum number of visitors flock to the museum.

One can come across exhibits of various kinds at this museum. At least two to three exhibits are art exhibits. They are devoted to paintings and other art works that were done by the local artists in the region. The museum in the city of Dehradun is convenient to access for those who avail of the rental car services in the city. The drivers of the rental cars in the city are quite familiar as to where the museum is and can take you there in a matter of a few seconds only. You will be sure not to get lost when you travel to the museum via a hired car. The museum is very strict about photography. One can be fined for taking pictures at the museum.

Tiger Reserve

Dehradun Tiger Reserve

A renowned Tiger Reserve exists in the Indian state of Dehradun that serves as a form of attraction for travelers who visit this destination. The Tiger Reserve is home to as many as a hundred tigers all of which are very well looked after by the wild life authorities over here. The Tiger Reserve offers travelers to stay overnight for a period of 2 to 3 days, so as to witness the wild animals that are there at this reserve. Accommodation is inclusive of meals at all three times in the day, and this is breakfast, lunch and dinner, provided to those who stay overnight. The package tours are not at all expensive and can be availed of by any and everybody.

The maximum amount of money that one can possibly pay for staying at the Tiger Reserve in Dehradun is about five thousand INR which is quite cheap given the fact that this is a wild life reserve. It is not difficult for travelers to access the Tiger Reserve in the Indian state of Dehradun. The Tiger Reserve can be reached using the hired car services that are available in abundance in the main city area. The hired car rates are quite low as a result of which tourists should not be reluctant to take advantage of such services when they arrive in the city. The Tiger Reserve enables tourists to take as many pictures as they feel like during the course of their stay at the Reserve. There are no restrictions on photography.


Dehradun Church

The Indian city of Dehradun is home to some of the finest churches in the country. There are as many as a hundred churches in the city most of, which open their doors from 9:00 am in the morning until six in the evening. The churches are situated in the main city area and serve as important centers of culture in the city. The majority of the churches in the city are Roman Catholic churches. Some of them are protestant. Entry fee to the churches in the city do not exist. This means that people can enter the churches without paying any money. The best time to visit the churches in the city would be on a Sunday morning. This is when one can witness different festivities taking place in the churches.

The entire catholic population in the city will make their way to the various churches in the city on a Sunday morning. One can certainly use car rental facilities to visit the churches in the city of Dehradun. The car rental services are best equipped to take travelers to these places within a limited time frame. One will not have to waste any time at all in order to get to the churches in the city when using the rental car services. One can also use a bus to get to the churches located in Dehradun city. There are bus services to and from the churches, which happens on regular occasions. The best time to visit the churches would be during the morning hours.

Accommodation Options in Dehradun

Hotel Lavender

This is a mid-range hotel situated in the Indian city of Dehradun. It is a beautiful hotel and serves as an excellent place where travelers can relax and unwind after a whole day of sightseeing. The hotel is located in the main city area and can be reached with the help of the public transport services available in the city. The rooms in this hotel are done up quite well. The beds are warm and comfortable and every room in the hotel has its own attached bathroom. There are hot water services available for those who wish to avail of it. Rooms in the hotel also have room heating options which can be used by residents during the winter season. There are no extra charges for room heating and these are included in the accommodation rates itself. Wake up call facilities also exist for those who are interested in availing of them.

Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn is a fabulous place for tourists to stay at in the Indian city of Dehradun. The Holiday Inn is a high range hotel and consequently caters only to the high end travelers. The rooms in the hotel are large and well furnished. To book rooms at this hotel one can log onto the hotel website and make the necessary reservations. Some of the rooms in the hotel have their very own mini bars and lockers. The former can be used for keeping water and other beverages while the latter can be used for storing valuable items. There are concierge services available at this hotel which tourists can make use of in order to travel about town in a comfortable manner. The concierge services are not too expensive and can be afforded by those who stay at this hotel. The residents also enjoy access to a swimming pool.

Mayfair Inn

This is a popular resort in the city of Dehradun in India. It is a budget accommodation destination and is a place that is often chosen by travelers for accommodation in the city. The Mayfair Inn has over a hundred rooms all of which are very well furnished. The rooms in the resort are spacious and comfortable and are air conditioned. Room heaters are provided to tourists in the winter season. The Mayfair Inn is a hotel that can be easily reached from the main train station. One has to only hop into a cab in order to make one’s way to this destination in Dehradun. Some of the amenities which guests can get to enjoy when staying at this hotel include free access to wireless internet and laundry services. The latter is a facility that is particularly useful for tourists who are staying in the hotel for more than three to four days.

Youth Hostels

The youth hostels are very good budget accommodation options for travelers in the Indian city of Dehradun. The youth hostels are meant specifically for the budget travelers. The youth hostels feature nice beds in rooms that are fairly small. The rooms in the youth hostels have their own bathrooms which have hot water facilities. Meals are not served in the youth hostels. If one wishes to procure meals at the youth hostel one will have to secure special permission in order to do so. The rooms in the hostels have to be booked before the visit as these are very popular among travelers who visit the city. The youth hostels in the city of Dehradun are those that enjoy a central location. As a result accessing the hostels is the easiest thing to do. The youth hostels are best reached using the taxi services in the city as these can take travelers to such destinations within a very short time frame.

Guest Apartments

The guest apartments are wonderful accommodation places to visit in Dehradun. In fact these are accommodation places to visit in Dehradun which rank very popular among travelers of all budgets. The guest apartments are well known accommodation places to visit in Dehradun as they offer personalized services. Tourists who visit places near Dehradun and the city as well normally prefer these apartments for the purpose of accommodation. The guest apartments are in close proximity to many interesting tourist places near Dehradun. In fact most of these are just a walking distance away. The guest apartments in the city of Dehradun provide facilities to residents like free wireless internet access. One can also enjoy home cooked meals when living at one of these apartments in the city. To get to the guest apartments in the city one can make use of the car hire services, which are accessible in the city.

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