Surprising Reasons Behind Ringing Bell before Entering the Temple

Ever since the ancient ages we have been following the holy ritual of ringing a bell which hangs on the entrance of a temple. But have you ever thought about what is the reason behind doing so? Amongst us I am sure nobody knows the exact and real reason prevailing to this ritualistic practice. Let Me Tell You Why Exactly […]

Maa Dhari Devi Mandir: Witness the Many Miraculous Faces of Maa Dhari Devi

Uttarakhand also called as land of various holy and ancient abodes is reckoned to house numerous ancient temples dedicated to various deities. This ancient yet beautiful temple is located en-route Sri Nagar and Rudraprayag district in Uttarakhand. The temple is beautifully nestled on the banks of the holy Alaknanda River. The temple is quite popular among the locals as it […]

Kedarnath and Badrinath will Disappear (Prophecy)

It is predicted that in the future Ganga River will disappear from the earth and will again move to the heaven. Hence the pilgrimages situated on the Ganga Riverbank will be of no importance and will be counted as nominal pilgrimage sites. Where Kedarnath is considered as the resting spot of Lord Shankar, Sri Badrinath is believed to be the […]

Tapt Kund – Home of Lord Agni where all the Sins are Absolved

A natural hot water spring and mostly reckoned as the home of Lord Agni. It is situated along the river banks of the pious Alaknanda River where visitors flock in a good number to take therapeutic bath. The water of the Kund holds medicinal values which treat skin diseases and other ailments of the tourists. Devotees coming to pay their […]