Survey of Char Dham Route will be done soon, the Transport Department is all Set for Preparation

Category : Travel Advisory | Chardham Tour Posted on 03 February 2024

Survey of Char Dham Route will be done soon, the Transport Department is all Set for Preparation

It is estimated that this year, the preparation of The Char Dham Yatra Route is going to be prepared by the end of February. The agenda of this promptness is to identify the areas that are quite prone to accidents and need to be corrected on time.

It has been found that the number of road accidents has been increasing year by year and during Char Dham Yatra all the efforts are made to prevent accidents. The motive of this news is to update the devotees with the safety measures of Char Dham Yatra and this is not done for the first time and this information comes every New Year and this survey is to identify the most prone accidental areas. The report made after this survey is then transferred to the concerned departments so that they can work on the repair of such routes. However, this survey used to be done either in March or April in past years and by the time, the reports of the survey used to come out, it was already the time of commencement of this holy Yatra and this is why it was difficult to work on every area.

By the way, there is a special team of Road Safety Agency that has been formed to check the accident-prone areas in the state and according to this report, there are almost 1600 accident-prone areas and the guidelines are also been sent to those particular departments for fixing these issues. Also, as per the recent update, there has not been much work done.

If we go through the survey of the previous year then it can be checked that by this time, the work of repairing the roads was left unabated. Even in many places, landslides occurred due to the road cutting activity in heavy amount and this is how new accident-prone areas had also been created. This is why one needs to mark these areas before starting their travel. SK Singh, Deputy Commissioner states that the entire team is engaged in putting their efforts to get the survey done as early as possible so that it can be very easy for the department to rectify those places before the journey commences.

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