Char Dham Rail Project: Char Dham Yatra will now be made easy

Category : Latest News | Chardham Tour Posted on 22 March 2024

Char Dham Rail Project: Char Dham Yatra will now be made easy

The big bridges in Uttarakhand have made the Char Dham Yatra safer and easier. They link important towns in the area, making the pilgrimage easier. The tough projects were given to Rahee Infratech Ltd, who built the bridges in the dangerous Garhwal Himalayan range. These top-notch bridges were made in Rishikesh itself. They not only help pilgrims move but also help traffic and goods move, helping the Indian economy grow.

Who would have thought that a few years ago, crossing the Alakananda River in such a mountainous and risky place could be so safe and easy, whether by train or car!

The 327 km railway would go through five districts of Uttarakhand - Dehradun, Tehri Garhwal, Pauri Garhwal, Rudraprayag, and Chamoli. The bridges would link important towns like Devprayag, Srinagar, Rudraprayag, Gauchar, and Karnaprayag across these five districts, making the Char Dham journey safer and easier. In the future, fast freight trains might also run on this route.

India, with its bold Make in India plan, can make engineering and bridge-building work that seems hard, look easy.

The railway lines are in the tricky Garhwal Himalayan range in North India, with different rock structures. The area also faces extreme weather and has places where earthquakes happen. But right now, most of these bridges seem ready to be opened to everyone in just four years.

So, it is not just about linking one place to another in tough terrain, but also about filling engineering gaps locally and making engineering marvels, while connecting people in many ways.

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