Mata Murti Temple: A brief history

Category : Spiritual Knowledge | Chardham Tour Posted on 12 March 2024

Mata Murti Temple: A brief history


Nestled along the serene banks of River Alaknanda, just 4 kilometers away from Badrinath Bus Stand, lies the sacred Mata Murti Temple. This ancient Hindu sanctuary holds a significant place in the hearts of devotees, steeped in mythological legends and spiritual reverence.

The Legend of Mata Murti:

The temple is dedicated to Mata Murti, the revered mother of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Narayan and Nara. Legend has it that Mata Murti prayed ardently to Lord Vishnu, beseeching him to manifest from her womb to vanquish a demon. In response to her devout prayers, Lord Vishnu incarnated as twins, Nar and Narayan, thus fulfilling the wishes of  Mata Murti and restoring divine order on earth.

Spiritual Significance:

Many believe that Mata Murti Temple holds the power to bestow Vairagya, a sense of detachment and renunciation, upon sincere devotees. It is a sacred place where pilgrims flock to offer their prayers and seek blessings, particularly during auspicious occasions such as Shukla Tritiya, Ashtami, and Chaturdashi. The annual Mata Murti Ka Mela witnesses a fervent display of devotion, as devotees gather to honor the divine mother of Sri Badrinath with profound reverence.

Visiting Mata Murti Temple:

The temple is easily accessible, just a scenic 3-kilometer walk from Badrinath Temple. As pilgrims embark on this spiritual journey, they are greeted by the tranquil surroundings and the soothing melody of River Alaknanda flowing nearby. The pilgrimage to Mata Murti Temple offers not only a physical journey but also a profound spiritual experience, drawing devotees closer to the divine.


Mata Murti Temple stands as a timeless beacon of faith and devotion, beckoning pilgrims from far and wide to pay homage to the divine mother and seek her blessings. With its rich mythological heritage and spiritual ambiance, a visit to this ancient sanctuary is sure to leave an indelible imprint on the hearts of devotees, inspiring them on their quest for spiritual enlightenment.

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