Health Preparations Enhanced for Chardham Yatra: Special medical teams with high-altitude experience to be deployed.

Category : Latest News | Chardham Tour Posted on 04 March 2024

Health Preparations Enhanced for Chardham Yatra: Special medical teams with high-altitude experience to be deployed.

Ahead of the Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand, significant health measures have been taken, including the establishment of hospitals in Badrinath and Kedarnath, confirmed by Health Secretary Dr. R. Rajesh. Equipment procurement has been approved by the cabinet chaired by Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami for these hospitals. Additionally, specialized medical teams familiar with high-altitude conditions are being deployed along the yatra route to provide immediate healthcare services to pilgrims.

Dr. Rajesh emphasized the importance of pilgrims undergoing health screenings before embarking on the yatra, following instructions received during a meeting chaired by Chief Secretary Radha Raturi. A comprehensive medical team of approximately 150 members, trained to operate in high-altitude environments, will be deployed for 15-day rotations during the yatra. Notably, doctors from Rudraprayag, Chamoli, and Uttarkashi will not be reassigned to Chardham duties this time. Instead, medical staff from Kumaon and other districts will be deployed.

Health checkpoints will be established along the yatra route to screen pilgrims from the outset, ensuring only those in good health proceed further. Dr. Rajesh urged pilgrims, especially those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, or pregnancy, to prioritize health checks before undertaking the journey. The department will maintain health records of passengers, offering assistance to those facing any health-related issues.

To address language barriers encountered by pilgrims from various regions, the Health Department will issue Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in 11 languages, ensuring comprehensive understanding of health guidelines. This initiative builds upon the efforts of last year to provide SOPs in nine languages apart from Hindi and English, facilitating better communication of health information to pilgrims nationwide and from abroad.

In essence, these measures underscore the commitment of the government to ensuring the health and safety of Chardham Yatra pilgrims, enhancing the overall pilgrimage experience while mitigating health risks.

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