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Chardham Yatra is once in a lifetime spiritual exploit to us human souls still caught in the incessant cycles of suffering and joy, birth and death, ascent and descent. The Yatra invites one closer to the real abode of Divine within, by letting one’s mortal being follow the paths to such sacred sites the mere occupancy of which catalyses one’s spiritual awakening. Let us make it easier for you, let us give you the very reasons why thousands of pilgrims have sought us to help plan their ideal chardham Yatra, and let us tell you why they will recommend the same for you.

1- We celebrate the spiritual sanctity of the trip!
Be it Ekdham, Dodham or the entire Chardham conglomerate that invites you, it is essential to let the Divine take the lead in handling the nuances and the fullness of the trip. It is essential to offer the Char Dham Trip into the hands of a Pilgrimage Planner who recognizes the sanctity of the trip, and can ensure your conscious mind a respite from having to worry over its practical details, letting it continue dwelling on the Divine alone. We would love to serve the role for you; after all, ensuring a holistic, memorable and graceful pilgrimage for you is our very dharma!
2- We make it so damn easy!
Why else would you want to associate with a pilgrimage planner if they wouldn’t make every detail, little and big, associated with the trip seem like a child’s play? Our successful expertise in having handled the Yatra across the years helps us in bringing the best of worlds, spiritual and material, without much ado. With our easy portals for online booking and helpful Chardham experts on phone, you can decide your ideal itinerary, book the journey right away and make the online payment.

3- We customize the plans to suit you!
Want to visit only one or two of the dhams? Have special requirements? Have certain constrictions on time or money? Whatsoever be your unique demand, our Chardham expert will work with you to build your dream itinerary.

4- Perfect Ground Management:
We are locals. Our entire team belongs to chardham region of Uttarakhand.

We know you can book online, but with Chardham tourd you are not just protecting your own intrust. You are Supporting the local business.

5- We offer value for money!
We are accountable for the money you spend through us for Chardham Yatra. And we continuously strive to bring you the very best services that can be accrued within the proposed budget.

6- We let you fly to the sacred shrines via Helicopter services at competitive prices!
The amenities of modern age have made visiting Char Dham shrines more convenient than ever before. One can now employ helicopter services to fly till Kedarnath or Badrinath shrines, avoiding the perils of the uphill treks altogether. Our helicopter services sell like hot cakes at the onset of every pilgrimage season, for they offer safe, secure and comfortable voyages to the sacred shrines at the best possible market prices. If you plan to save time and lots of avoidable perils, helicopter services to char dham might be the answer you are in search of.

7- We will be at your beck and call, day and night throughout the Char Dham Yatra!
Have sudden queries surging within that demand instantaneous resolution? We are just a call away, night or day, rain or shine! Our customer service personnel strive to have all your questions answered before and during the Yatra. Think of it so- we want you to feel as if your hands are being held while you traverse the journey, figuratively by the Divine and literally by us on your pilgrimage.

8- We offer you the best available accommodation
Worried about the quality of accommodation in remote, hill terrains? When you book the char dham Yatra with us, you can be assured we bring you the best available accommodation within your budget, and that you will simply love them! We associate only with hotels that have continuously received positive feedback from our esteemed customers.

9- We will be in touch with you, giving you regular updates
We will keep you instantly updated regarding the changes in weather and anything else that might affect the course of your pilgrimage.

10- We will help you with any medical emergency that might arise
We pray you don’t have to face any medical emergency during the travel, but we are prepared to assist you in case any such ordeal arises.

11- We look forward to hearing from you again
Let us talk a bit about business here. Most of the customers we receive have been due to the recommendations of our previously satisfied clients. Over the years, successfully planning char Dham Yatra and winning their hearts have earned us a lot of friends. We hope that you will leave us as friends too!

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