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Marriages are believed to be made in heaven by the gods in India and is considered to be one of the holiest and the purest bonds 2 individuals share between each other. Located within the district of Rudraprayag is the iconic and a legendary temple of Triyuginarayan which is believed to be the place where lord shiva and goddess Parvati were bonded in holy matrimony for life. The temple is surrounded by impeccable natural beauty and panoramic vistas which only works in amplifying the beauty and spiritual vibe of this place. Placed on an elevation of around 2,000 metres above sea level this temple and one of the holiest places of worship has become one of the most popular places as a wedding venue for many couples.

For some people getting married in the temple guarantees a lifelong commitment to their partners and they prefer getting married here.

Why You Should Get Bhagavad Katha Done?

There have been several instances which proves the fact that reading this sacred book will definitely change the way you perceive the world and everything is clarified in your mind. Here are a few benefits that devotees have experienced:

There have been several instances which proves the fact that reading this sacred book will definitely change the way you perceive the world and everything is clarified in your mind. Here are a few benefits that devotees have experienced:

The Temple of Triyuginarayan

The popularity of this temple is not new which can be dated back to the Vedic ages and maybe even earlier than that. The architectural making of the temple kind of resembles Badrinath and just like the temple it is also dedicated to lord Vishnu. The temple’s history revolves primarily around the fact that it was the venue for the heavenly marriage of the shiv Parvati. The marriage is said to have been attended and witnessed by all the prominent sages, seers, philosophers and priests which was initiated by lord Vishnu who was also there as Parvati Mata’s brother. This marriage was even witnessed by lord brahma. This presence of the holy trinity of Hinduism takes the spiritual aura of this place to a whole different level.

It is marked and made immortal by the presence of an ever burning immortal fire which is believed to have been burning here ever since the time they got married and people looking to get married take away some holy ashes from here to cement their wedding plans and make it for sure. This iconic temple is situated at a distance of around 12 km from the Hindu temple of Kedarnath and it generally is also a part of the temple trip to the holy char dham yatra.

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Triyuginarayan Temple

Triyuginarayan Temple as a Wedding Venue

The temple is increasingly becoming an ideal wedding destination for couples. Celebrities have also gotten married here in the past like the famous actress Kavita Kaushik, Nainital’s ADM Lalit Mohan and Ghaziabad’s IPS officer Aparna Gautam among a host of others. Due to the religious value of this place the marriage processions here have become a regular thing to do. People who do get married here have a lifelong blessing of the god and goddess for a lifetime.

There are several hotels and accommodations present nearby the temple which can serve as the place to stay for your family and friends who are visiting. There is also a well-connected route of roadways available for the ease of your connectivity. The pandits here perform the wedding and even decorate the whole place in flowers and lights for a fair price. You won’t require any documentation but yes, because of its ever-growing popularity be sure to book your wedding dates beforehand.

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Why You Should Get Married In Triyuginarayan Temple As Well?

The government of Uttarakhand are increasingly promoting this holy and sacred temple as a wedding destination for couples. Keeping this in mind they have also managed to bring in some much-needed amenities while also keeping the rich culture and tradition of Uttarakhand alive. The sacred venue has guaranteed a lifetime bond between individuals and along with this leaves the people with a lifetime worth of memories. Still double minded about your decision for getting married here? Here are a few reasons that will definitely convince you to book your slot dates here in Triyuginarayan temple:

You will add a hint of local touch through food and music in the background here. this is one thing that marriages these days are missing. Keep traditions and our rich cultural heritage alive by doing so.

Your marriage will not only take place according to your rituals and beliefs but it will also incorporate the traditions of the local people and local rituals as well. This is also open to international couples looking to tie a knot in the temple of Triyuginarayan.

The couples will take the ‘Phere’ or go around the holy fire of not any fire, but of the same one around which Shiva and Parvati had taken Phere, making the experience even more holier not only for the couples getting married but for the guests as well.

Marriages are a very expensive affair but since the temple offers a humble and simple Indian wedding complete with all the holy rituals it costs around 30% to 20% less than what the normal banquet or hotel charges for the same. So your budget for the wedding will not be stretched too thin, and in the end it is all about being and sharing the sacred moment with your loved ones and people who you genuinely care about.

Due to its location, the beauty of the wedding is further amplified. With a magical backdrop of the picturesque mountain ranges, clean environment, pure air and an overall positive vibes, this holy temple makes for the perfect destination for something that is as important and sacred as a wedding.

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One of the most auspicious pilgrimages in India, Triyuginarayan Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and happens to be an eminent destination of Vishnu worshippers.

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