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Pilgrims and tourists visiting Chardhams will now trek at least 22 kms less than usual. Also the issues like traffic jam on the Chamba route plus the road blockade caused due to snowfall near Dharasu will be resolved.

tunnel on chardham routeSoon after the sanction of the construction plan of two tunnels between Chamba and Dharasu-Yamunotri route, a layout of the project has been prepared already. Central ministry of Road, transport and Highway has declared a budget of 1200 crores for the construction of the tunnels. Due to the narrow roads at Chamba, Chardham pilgrims face a lot of problems. The road remains blocked for hours due to traffic jam and thus big-sized vehicles fail to access the route.

To relieve the pilgrims and tourists from the issue of jam, the Ministry of road, transport and highways has passed the proposal for the construction of a 2.25 meter long tunnel at this spot. Tunnel will be constructed in such a way that it runs underneath the mountain ranges and settlements. Due to this tunnel traffic can continue its course in an unabated manner. Apart from the tunnel a bypass route of 1.2kms will also be constructed. With the construction of the tunnel, the route will be shortened by nearly 20kms. For the tunnel at Chamba, Central ministry has already passed a budget of 100 crores. At that point, snowfall on the Dharasu-Yamunotri route often blocks the road impeding the Chardham yatra like anything.

Even the locals face a lot of problems while traversing on that road. The ministry of road, transport and highways has given sanction for the construction of a 2 km long tunnel right at this site. Along with the tunnel, a road about 3 kms long will be constructed too. After the completion of constructions, the 25 km long route will get shortened to only 5 kms. Pilgrims and tourists will then trek almost 20 kms less.

For the construction of the 2 km long tunnel and 3 km long road, the ministry has passed a budget of nearly 1100 crores. The responsibility of tunnel construction at Chamba has been entrusted upon the National Highway department. The project of Dharasu-Yamunotri tunnel construction has been assigned to Nature Highways Infrastructure development, a company falling under the Central Highways department and one which took off a year back.

The layout of the work plan pertaining to the tunnel constructions at Chamba and Dharasu-Yamunotri route is ready. Combining the two projects, it is 1200 crores project plan. The work on it will start very soon.

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