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The third of the Panch Kedar, Tunganath has been thrown open for the general mass which remains closed during the winter due to excessive snowfall. Now, Tunganath will be worshipped at the shrine for the next six months. More than 250 devotees were present at the temple premise during the opening ceremony.
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Jaikara of Lord Shiva
At 11:15 am on Friday at the auspicious hour, the portals of Tunganath were opened for the devotees following the traditional customs and rituals. The ceremony was marked with the roars of Lord Shiva’s holy name by the devotees.

On this occasion, the devotees present in the temple premise received the Lord’s holy flower offerings. Earlier, at around 8:30 am, the sacred ceremony of bringing the idol in palanquin was performed with full vigour at the last terminal at Chopta.

The Palanquin of the Lord
The departure of the palanquin of Lord Tunganath was scheduled at 9 am. It arrived at the shrine at 11 am covering the alpine grasslands on both sides and a steep climb of 3 km. Lord Tunganath was welcomed heartily and was received by the high priest, cleric and the numerous devotees with full respect.

On this pious occasion, temple director Prakash Purohit, high priest Ram Prasad Maithani, member of district panchayat Meena Pundir, Devanad Gairola, Chandraballabh Maithani, Sureshanand Semwal, Buddhiballabh Semwal, Shiv Singh Rawat etc. were also present to grace the event.
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