Zila Prashasan in Sonprayag bans polythene bags completely

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SonprayagThe environmental issues that have cropped up in this century has led to the Zila Prashasan in Sonprayag to ban polythene bags completely. This followed the Kedarnath example where the use of polythene bags was banned and only eco carry bags were used.

The Zila Adhikary Dr Raghav Langar has said that along with the stringent arrangements in Kedarnath there is considerable effort to ensure that the environmental safety activities are also in place. It is very important to protect spots like Kedarnath and Sonprayag as they are sensitive eco zones. Now there is zero use of polythene in Sonprayag and Kedarnath. Pilgrims and devotees are using eco carry bags to carry around stuff inside the holy Dhams. The eco carry bags are used in all Garhwal Mandal Development committee eateries for just Rs 5. Apart from this the help staff and security staff who are present at the different travel and transit points have also received briefing about potential problem of using polythene bags.

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