Snowfall seen to occur in Kedarnath, Gaumukh, Badrinath and Hemkund

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The plains of Uttarkhand are simmering under the extreme heat of the midsummer and people living in the plains are suffering. However the hills of Uttarkhand are now blessed with lovely cool weather. In the mountainous regions medium intensity rains have been found to fall in the last few days. On Monday snow fall was found to occur in Badrinath, Kedarnath, and Hemkund along with Gomukh while the other areas say a lot of rain which provided people with relief from the rains.

Kedarnath Snowfall

On Monday in the Chamoli Janpad there are areas like Badrinath, Rudraprayag, Hemkund and Uttarkashi which saw a lot of snowfall especially around the mountain peaks. The relatively low altitude areas around the mountainous regions saw whiplashes of rain in the morning which lowered the average temperature of the whole region by at least a few degrees. The weather remained pleasant and moderately cool with lovely wind flow. Clouds overlaid the areas of Dehradun, Pouri, Tihri, Srinagar and Kotdawar from the morning. Clouds surrounded the region of Kumaon too. Faint rainfall was seen to occur in Pithouragarh. The people of Uttarkhand obtained relief from the sweltering heat through rain and the cloudy skies. According to the state weather prediction department by Tuesday rainfall will occur in the other remaining areas of Uttarkhand including the extreme western stretches.

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