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The Archeology Surveillance Department of India has worked in coordination with Dehradun City authority committee to ensure that the repair work in and around Kedarnath Temple happens at an uniform and speedy rate.

Till now the Eastern gate of the temple which had been blocked with stones has not been cleared. The new stone setting process has also not achieved much progress. After the debacle the Indian government had deployed several teams to periodically visit Dehradun and oversee repair work there. The teams are now present at the site for last 2 months.

kedarnath constructionThe team consists of 25-35 workers who have been regularly working in Dehradun. In spite of these efforts the broken doors of the western gates have yet not been replaced with newly constructed gates. A lot of extra time is being taken to set the 40 new stones on the Eastern gate of the temple.

Steps are being constructed near the western gates and this might take between 15 to 20 days. A lot of new activities like construction of safety wall around the temple and the floor repair plan are yet to be completed according to schedule. Chemical cleaning of the inner and outer walls of temple and electric fittings of the Sabha Mandap and Garba Griha are also on the agenda.

The pace of the repair work is quite slow and it might take years for the work to be complete. Only 2.5 months are now left for this seasons Char Dham Yatra to end. It does not appear possible to complete the pending work within this year. I have intimated the state authority and the BKTC head about this issue.
–ShailaRani Rawat, Vidhayak KedarNath VidhanSabha

There are no correct parameters to judge the extent of our work progression. The eastern gate of the temple pillar has now almost been repaired as 40 stones have been fitted in there. The construction of stairs near the western gate is almost complete. Other work like safety wall construction, new electric fittings, new flooring construction is also yet to be achieved.
–Dr VK Swarnakar, SSI Dehradun Circle

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