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Kedarnath 10The rains in kedarghati have influenced the outcomes of Kedarnath Yatra. There has been a steady reduction in the number of travelers and pilgrims and the numbers have reduced more than 4000. After the landslides in Kedarnath, the Yatra has got back on track after 4 long years. However rains have been playing spoilsport. More than 10,000 pilgrims per day had been visiting Kedarnath daily in May because of conducive weather but early June showers have reduced the number to 6000.

The trade manager at Gaurikund (the major stopover enroute Kedarnath) Mahesh Gagwari said that this was the first time that so many pilgrims were visiting Kedarnath. However bad weather has again dampened the footfall and badly affected the Yatra.

The Yatra has been affected badly and hotels in the area have lost their sparkle. Khankra based hotel Samrat manager Mr. Rohit said that the hotel was full in May but now many rooms are going empty. Khankra lies 6 km before Rudraprayag on Badrinath highway. The number of visitors to Kedarnath had crossed 3 lakhs long back and even bad weather has been unable to push the numbers beneath the 3 lakhs benchmark. This in itself is an achievement after the natural disaster that happened 4 years back.

On Monday 7298 pilgrims completed Darshan of baba Kedarnath at Kedarpuri. There were 3680 men, 3408 women and 206 kids along with 2 foreigners in this Yatra.

Similarly 3 lakh four thousand and 418 travellers have travelled to Kedarnath since 3rd may. The chief of police P.M Mina has said that the huge numbers indicate a huge achievement. This indicates a renewal of interest in Kedarnath Yatra and that’s happy news. If weather doesn’t turn too unfavorable, the numbers may cross 4 lakhs shortly.

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