Shri Badrinath Ji Temple replica

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Beautiful fiber glass copy of Lord Badrinath sanctuary in bronze shading made by neighborhood craftsman of Uttarakhand.This pleasant trinket from God’s habitation Uttarakhand, is a present for each admirer of himalayan…

Dimensions  :- Height- 7 inches Width- 9 inches Material -Fibre

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Wonderful fiber glass imitation of Shri Badrinathji sanctuary in bronze shading made by nearby craftsman of Uttarakhand is a decent keepsake from God’s homestead Uttarakhand and is considered to be a present for each admirer of himalayan specialty and legacy.

About Badrinath temple – Shri Badrinath, Badrish or Badrinarayan Temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu (one of the supreme deities of Hindus), arranged in the town of Badrinath in chamoli region of Uttarakhand along the banks of the River Alaknanda in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, a state in North India. The heavenly place of worship of shriBadrinathji is arranged at 3,100m over the sea level.

The principle dark stone (Shaligram) picture of Badrinarayan, which is housed in a gold shade under a Badri Tree is loved and worshipped in the sanctuary.

Dimensions :Height- 7 inches Width- 9 inches Material -Fibre


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