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I am Fortunate that I visited Kedarnath

Kedarnath 7Mercifully the weather was friendly despite negative weather predictions when the president Pranab Mukherjee went on the Darshan of Lord Kedarnath. After offering special prayers in the Garba Griha, Mr Pranab Mukherjee paid homage to the idol and proceeded to the backside of the temple for Darshan of holy Shiva Linga. He was accompanying by the chief priest Shiva Shankar Linga. The president was informed by the priest that in the year 2013, a huge boulder was present here and it had protected the temple from destruction. The president was awestruck by the deep spiritual and historical beauty of the temple and he wrote in the visitor’s book “this is indeed a sacred abode of God and I am fortunate that I was allowed an opportunity to glimpse it”.

On Tuesday the weather department had predicted fog and light rains. There was considerable anxiety due to bad weather affecting the probability of the president’s visit. On Wednesday the sunny weather from Doon to Kedarnath was a cheerful indicator of the pleasant weather and laid all apprehensions to rest. On Wednesday at 7.30 A.M the Rajyapal K.K Paul along with the Chef Minister Harish Rawat accompanied the president on his helicopter ride to Kedarnath. The president reached Kedarnath after 45 minutes of helicopter ride and was greeted by the head priest Shiva Shankar Ling, Ganesh Godiyal (Chief officer of Badri Kedar Committee) and the Tirth Purohit. Mr Pranab Mukherjee was conveyed to the temple by an All Terrain vehicle. The president toured the whole temple premises and was accompanied by the head priest. The priest who was accompanied by his two children Sharmistha and Abhijeet, explained the spiritual significance of the 11 Jyotirlinga to the president.

President Wished for Kedar Darshan

The chief priest Shiva Shankar Linga and the Tirtha Purohits Srinivas Posti said that the president had conveyed his desire to visit Kedarnath right after the debacle but bad weather prevented him from doing so. The president had tried to visit Kedarnath in 2015 and 2014 but was prevented by bad weather.

Discussion over Reconstruction

The president Pranab Mukherjee had a deep discussion with Rajypal K.K Paul and the Prime Minister Harish Rawat about the reconstruction work following the debacle. Mr Rawat informed the president that that walking route to Kedarnath was now much safer and it was now more convenient to undertake a Yatra here.

The Third President to visit Kedarnath

Mr Pranab Mukherjee became the third president to visit Kedarnath and previously Neelam Sanjeev Reddy and R Venkatraman had visited Baba Kedarnath.

Fog Descends after Presidents Departure

The chief priest informed the media that the last week had seen bad weather and on Wednesday the weather cleared by a divine chance. The last 3 days had seen failed trial landings of the aircraft. He further said that fogs descended on Kedarnath as soon as the president and the ministers took off in their helicopter.

News Source: https://www.jagran.com/uttarakhand/dehradun/

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