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Modi Visit ChardhamPrime Minister Narendra Modi has declared that he will make a tour of the Chardham after the rains around months September and October in matters relating to the reconstruction of Chardham highways. Chief Minister Harish Rawat decided to meet PM Modi and request for an urgent financial help of nearly 500 crores to reverse the damage brought about by torrential downpours, crackling of clouds and massive landslides. In response to his implorations PM Modi gave the above assurance.

After meeting the PM, Chief Minister Harish Rawat requested for the needed infrastructure from the centre to rehabilitate the secured areas of some of the most sensitive villages of Uttarakhand.  This Tuesday during his meeting with PM Narendra Modi, chief minister Harish Rawat showed eagerness to receive all necessary assistance by describing to PM, the natural calamities that had befallen Uttarakhand over the past few days. Chief Minister declared that nearly 1000 crore worth damage has taken place this rainy season according to the basic statistical records. By the end of September the damage costs may shoot up to nearly 15000 crores. Due to limited resources the state is incapable of handling such major damage expenses. In order to redress the sensitive regions and rehabilitate the affected planning process, help from the central government is a necessity. He requested an immediate help of 500 crores from the center.

Chief Minister further added that from the view point of natural calamities, Uttarakhand has over 370 sensitive villages which are all situated in the landslide prone zones. In order to rehabilitate the secured areas of these sensitive villages assistance in the form of Rs 10, 000 crores is needed. Uttarakhand being a small hilly region has quite limited resources to itself. This is the reason that India government only has to arrange the needed resources.

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