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The devotees and pilgrims are returning from Kedarnath with the glow of peace and spiritual tranquility on their faces. Pilgrims are being taken care of very well. The authorities are engrossed in gathering essential stuff for the pilgrims. The travelers and pilgrims are naturally thrilled on seeing these arrangements.

Travelers have approached Kedarnath Dham from various corners of the country. Many travelers are completely ignorant of the geographical conditions in Kedarnath and have arrived just in Kameez and slippers. In the freezing cold the authorities have helped the pilgrims by providing warm clothes, blankets and warm chambers apart from medication to the sick. There are 500 pilgrims staying over each day at night in Kedarnath. Two doctors have been appointed for specifically tending to ill pilgrims and they make it a point to visist each pilgrim tent. Typical tasty Garhwali cuisine is being served at all tents. Koda Roti, Jhangore Kheer, Chousa etc are being served to all pilgrims. To take care of safety the SRDF, Home Guard, Police and PRO Jawans have been positioned on the foot route. The ascent climb to Kedarnath Dham is quite difficult but the remedial and survival measures taken by SRDF, PRO, Police and Home guard are deemed to be sufficient for safety.

A lot of peace and joy is derived from the Yatra….Sant Kumar, Hubli, Karnataka.
The arrangements made by Kedarnath authorities for fooding and lodging are quite reasonable and affordable….Ashok Kumar Dwarka in Delhi.
Adequate care has been given to health as camp doctors regularly visit tents. I am very satisfied…Anandi Devi Hubli, Karnataka.
For years I have nurtured the dream of going to Kedarnath and now I am happy to realize my dream. Good reconstructive work has been done here…Manju Bai Kota, Rajasthan.
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