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On last 24th of July a group of devotees from Pakistan reached Haridwar. On Monday the Commando too had organized a tour of the city. On Wednesday morning pak devotees started off for Chardham yatra from Shadani darbar. The devotees called out in honor of Shri Badri Vishal. Saint Yudhisthir Lal waved a green flag to signal the start of the Yatra.

He told that often Hindu pilgrims from Pakistan visit Shadani Darbar to take part in its various programs. But this is the first time that they got the scope to set out on a Chardham Yatra. Indian government has allowed them permit to go on Chardham Yatra for the first time. Enthusiastic pilgrims think themselves lucky to be given such a privilege. Ignoring the challenges of the weather they declared that they have full trust in God and thus the belief that they’ll be able to visit all the four Dhams. In this group of Yatris to Chardham, personalities like group leader Shankar Lal, Sachidanand, Kailash Jot, Darshan Lal, Parshuram, Jiban Das, Anil Kumar, Madan Lal, Deenaram, Mahesh Kumar, Mansaram, Tara Chand, Sarvanand, Vijay Kumar,  Anup Kumar, Hatam das, Jay Bai, Dipa Bai, Priyanka, Dena Bai, Daya, Sunil Kumar, Tirth Das, Neel etc were included.

10 Days Chardham Yatra Package Tour
It will be a 10 days long tour of the Chardhams for the devotees coming from Pakistan. Pilgrims in this group will first and foremost pay a visit to the shrine of Shri Badrivishal followed by Kedarnath shrine, Gangotri shrine and Yamunotri shrine.

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