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In the wake of the devastating 2013 floods the holy shrine of Kedarnath sustained heavy damages. Even roads leading to the temple and part of the steps were damaged and authorities feared about extensive damages. The Archaeological Survey of India was called in to assess the damage to the shrine and its foundation. They in turn appointed a team of experts from IIT, Madras, to carry out an extensive study and survey of Kedarnath shrine, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India.

No Major Danger to Kedarnath Shrine

The team of experts visited the temple three times during the past two years and carried out detailed studies and examination of the structure using non-destructive equipments. Now their interim report is in. Happily for temple authorities, the ASI and devotees at large, the temple is now certified as being stable and that its foundations are intact according to the interim report. The final report will follow. They did point out that certain parts of the foundation appeared to have settled in but knowledgeable ASI experts pointed out that this was part of the building process and has been in place since centuries with nothing to worry about on this count.

The main apprehension was about the foundation. If the foundation had sustained severe damage it would have resulted in a collapse at any time in the future, perhaps endangering life of pilgrims. If the temple had to remain closed, it would have prevented pilgrims from completing the chardham yatra. Luckily, the Kedarnath shrine will be open for this season starting in the last week of April.

The ASI was tasked with restoration of the temple in the aftermath of the 2013 floods and it has been carrying out restoration works at the Kedarnath shrine. Its task force is engaged in putting in place packing stones resembling the original design and in providing wooden flooring in the Mandapa portion of the temple. Everything should be in readiness when the chardham yatra season starts…hopefully.

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