Construction of Astha Path at Kedarnath – PM Modi’s Endeavour for a stronger and Grander Kedarnath Dham

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Construction of Astha Path at Kedarnath – PM Modi’s Endeavour for a stronger and Grander Kedarnath Dham
New Route for Kedarnath Yatra

With the construction of the brand new, grander and stronger, Aastha path, the devotees and pilgrims for Kedarnath Dham and Char Dham Yatra will be completing their journey in a safer and a more secure manner. The creation of the new route has started from the top of the security wall that is built lining the bank of the holy river Mandakini, ensuring more security for the visitors. This new route is 5 metres wide in width and 400 metres in length and is decided to be named ‘Aastha Path’. As a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project to properly protect the Kedarnath Dham, this route is being developed with an attempt to make every way of approaching the temple strong, durable and grand. All these development works and renovation activities are also being taken place with an aim of properly organizing the pilgrimage Yatra for the devotees.

About the Construction of this 400 metre New Route for Kedarnath Dham:

As per this new development, a new infantry will be created which will take place on top of the security wall lining the banks of River Mandakini that is 308 metres high. The irrigation department is involved in its construction and a cost of rupees 50 crores will be invested. The construction has commenced and almost 20 metres of the route is already made, and by the completion this route will be utilized by the devotees, pilgrims and visitors to enter the temple. Once the arrangements and construction works are completed then the pilgrims will not be facing any hassles or problems during their visit to Kedarnath Dham.

Details About the Road from the AE of Irrigation Department:

As per the AE (assistant engineer) for the irrigation department of this region, Dheeraj Dimri, major work and efforts are being put in which is evident with the utilization of cutting stone that covers the upper surface of the road that makes it look extremely magnificent. A safety railing will be provided in the lower end of the road along with the installation of solar lights at a distance of every 13 metres.

The Entire Astha Path will be Covered Throughout with Shelter from Rain:

Extra care for the pilgrims and devotees in the form of rain shelters will also be provided that will cover this entire route. This is done with an aim of keeping the devotees safe from the unexpected rainfall, snowfall or hailstorms. Speakers will also be installed inside, all along this shelter for Astha path which will be playing devotional music and songs throughout in low volume. All these refinement and renovation work is being done so that the devotees don’t feel any sort of difficulty during the journey.

What the DM of Rudraprayag has to Say:

According to the DM of the district of Rudraprayag, Mangesh Ghildiyal, the construction work for Astha path has commenced by the irrigation department which is expected to be completed at duration of almost 10 days. With the starting of the Char Dham Yatra in 2019 the devotees and pilgrims will be able to reach the temple by covering this road.

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