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The ancient temple of kedarnath dham is not only a significant Jyotirlinga of India but also makes for one of the most important pillars for the char dham yatra of Uttarakhand along with Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. The temple in itself holds a lot of significance in the life of devout Hindus due to its religious significance. With the construction of the kedarnath cave, the spiritual value of this place has also multiplied ten-fold. The cave is situated at a mere distance of 1 km behind the temple and gives the meditator with stunning view of the temple below and the panoramic Himalayan beauty at its best. Ever since the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, went there to meditate, the cave’s popularity has visibly sky rocketed.

PM Narendra Modi Meditates In Cave During Kedarnath Visit

People are piling up in large numbers and getting the cave booked as soon as it gets available for rent. Individuals wanting to spend a night there can now have access to the cave just by booking it online or on the spot. Here is everything you need to know about this holy cave where you can spend the night and gain some much-needed peace of mind.

Meditate in the Cave like Modi:

Also referred to as the ‘Rudra meditation caves’ this particular feature was added on as per the suggestion of the prime minister himself. Narendra Modi went up to the cave and spent 17 hours there as a part of inauguration. This gathered a lot of media attention and ever since then it has become one of the most popular features of Kedarnath apart from the temple. If you have some spiritual bent of mind spending a night here in a deep state of peace and meditation will be one of the most cherishing memory you will ever have.

The booking for this cave can be done online via the GMVN or Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam’s official website. You will be required to fill out the form, mention the date of your stay, submit appropriate documents and pay the booking amount. After your cave has been booked and confirmed you will be given a detailed brief about the precautions and the procedure for staying at the cave. You will even be required to report to Guptkashi 2 days prior to the day of your stay at the cave where you will even be made to undergo a complete and thorough medical check-up before-hand.

Location and How to Reach:

First of all, you will be required to make your way to the temple of kedarnath. This can be done easily by availing one of the many packages available for kedarnath darshan. This can be done by going via road or via a helicopter trip which starts from the helipad at Guptkashi, Sersi, Sitapur, Phata etc. After reaching the temple you will be required to make your way up the mountain behind the temple for 1 km. it is a very accessible route and can be reached easily.

Booking Price for Kedarnath Meditation Cave:

Initially when the cave was opened for meditation, it was priced at 3,000 INR per night however after the VIP visit and with the demand shooting up, the prices were brought down substantially in order to accommodate more meditators. The current booking price you will be required to pay while booking on the GMVN website online are either 990 INR for booking in between 6 am to 6 pm and 1500 INR for an over-night stay. This is being seen as a huge boost to the tourism of not only Uttarakhand but also the nation as a whole.

Things to Know about Kedarnath Gufa:

  • The cave can only accommodate 1 person at a time.
  • A person can book the cave for a maximum of 2 days.
  • Inside the cave there is an attached toilet, a heater, electricity and drinking water along with a single bed.
  • The guest staying here will be given morning tea, lunch, breakfast, dinner and evening tea.
  • An attendant can be called via a bell facility. The guest will have access to the staff 24 / 7for the total convenience and comfort for them.

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