Longest Tunnel of Uttarakhand to be Built in Rudraprayag

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Longest Tunnel of Uttarakhand to be Built in Rudraprayag

chardham yatra through tunnelChardham Development Authority has passed a project for the construction of a tunnel which is going to be the longest tunnel of Uttarakhand which will connect Rudraprayag to Gaurikund and Rishikesh Badrinath National Highways. The tunnel will be around 920 meter long whose construction project has been approved by the Indian Government.

Longest Tunnel of Rudraprayag

The instruction has been given to BRO (Borders Road Organization) for preparing the detailed project planning (DPR) for the proper construction and the maintenance of the tunnel. The tunnel is approximately 920 meters long which is connecting 2 highways and so it is referred as the longest tunnel to be built in Uttarakhand. As per the Char Dham Vikas Project near to Jawadi Bypass Bridge which is constructed in Jagtoli of Rudraprayag the tunnel will be constructed to join the other end of Belni population area which is settled on Rudraprayag-Chopta-Pokhari motorway. This bridge would be well connected with Badrinath National Highway built over Alaknanda River. There is a hidden motive behind the construction of this tunnel which is to reduce the main market jam.

Report of Commanding Officer BRO-66

Nagendra Kumar is the commanding officer of BRO-66 stated that the initiations of the preparation of final detailed project planning have been done after the theoretical approval given by the Indian Government. They have said that the longest tunnel of Uttarakhand will get its final DPR within a month and it will be then further sent to Indian Government.

Proposal Was Running from a Long Time

The proposal of this longest tunnel project was prepared in 2008-09 as per the statement of RCC Gauchar. The tunnel will be joining Badrinath and Kedarnath Highway in Rudraprayag. A deep study was done and after asking for the expert opinion the center was sanctioned for the final survey in the year 2011-2012. Numerous formalities were done before the final survey held in 2015-16. So, it took almost 10 years to finalize the project of this 920 meter long tunnel of Uttarakhand.

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