Local Handicrafts & Handlooms now to be made available to Chardham Yatris

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To attract the yatris to the Dehradun Chardhams and also to boost the sales of the locally manufactured goods, stalls of locally handmade handicrafts, handloom items and of local delicacies of the Garhwal region would be put up. The chief officer in charge Mr N Rabi Shankar has expressed a full-throated praise for the local handicrafts and handlooms that the artisans of Garwal are expert at making; He said that these works of art and creativity are good enough to attract huge customers; they should be made more and more attractive and should be put up for sale at the showrooms just outside the rest houses and camps of chardham yatris and also at the showrooms occurring at the Chardham Yatra route.

In a meeting held on Thursday for the discussion and planning of state level work plans to give shape to the work plans of the Textile Tourism wing of the Central Government, the above instruction was given by the Chief officer in charge Mr N Rabi Shankar. He added that this fusion of textile tourism and tourism can serve as a major source of livelihood for the inhabitants staying in the state of Uttarakhand. In his opinion the development of souvenir shops are needed to make this plan work out amazingly.

Uttarakand Handicrafts & Handlooms

According to the Central Government Work Plan, three weeks after the start of the Chardham Yatra and two weeks prior to the closing date of the Chardham Yatra, two big enough and really special Handloom Expos to be arranged on the Chardham yatra path. Also in the yatri rest houses availability of traditional Garhwali cuisines and dishes made out of local spices, traditional veggies etc are to be ensured. Developmental work with regard to the Garhwal Food court as well as Kumaon Food court is to be carried out as well. Furthermore, an exhibition to be held at Ardhkumbh 2016 for exhibiting the artifacts of the local artisans as well as the creations of the helping groups.

Mr R.N Rabi Shankar has also instructed for the quick launching & successful starting of the pre-planned Gramin Hats or Gramin Markets at locations like Bhimtalav, Rudraprayag, Uttarkashi, Kashipur, Haridwar, and Haldiwani in keeping with the NABARD’S RIDF Program. The Chief Officer in Charge of the Small Scale Industries, Mr MH Khan has communicated that in order to make the look of the local handicrafts engaging and attractive, help from specialist designers coming from the National Institute of Design and other such famed organizations has been taken and exquisite souvenir items have been developed. Local youth is being trained up in special organizations to help them acquire all the required skills.

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