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Kedarnath Dham Temple Information

Kedarnath Temple Darshan
If you are a spiritual seeker and are looking to have a deep and intensely rejuvenating experience then a visit to Kedarnath Dham is the most fruitful option. Nestled amidst the lush greenery and the verdant surroundings of the Garhwal Himalayas this temple is dedicated to the Lord Kedar form of Shivji. Although reaching the temple is a difficult task but the resulting beauty, purity and positivity makes it all worth it and all the difficulty is completely vanished. This ancient home of Lord Shiva is known for being the permanent residence of the lord.


The majestic temple of Kedarnath is perched on a hill top in the district of Rudraprayag and getting is quiet a difficult yet an extremely rewarding task. with the air completely engulfed in the reverberating sounds of the chants made by the pilgrims travelling to this holy Dham you will be enamored and mesmerized with the level of spirituality that you will be experiencing at such a great height. The paths leading up to the main entrance of the temple is completely paved for the convenience of the travellers and zig zags its way from the mountain side. Being a hill destination the beauty here is obvious incomparable and the purity remains unmatched. The backdrop of the snow clad peaks perfectly complements and adds on to the old world charm of Kedarnath temple. Flowing by the temple, just like all the other Char Cham temple sites, is the gushing river of Mandakini which then goes on to meet Alaknanda at Devprayag and finally forms the holy river of Ganga.

Why You Should Visit Kedarnath:

Kedarnath shrine holds a special place in the hearts of every devout Hindu or Shaivite who are expected to visit this holy destination at least once in their lifetime. The overall environment of the Kedar valley and the positive vibes here is something which cannot be experienced anywhere else. Here are a few reasons which would definitely inspire you to visit Kedarnath:

This temple is a boon for every person seeking for their share of spiritualism. You can put your devotion to the lord into test by visiting this holy shrine.

The idol of the presiding deity is believed to be the permanent home to Lord Shiva who had agreed to stay in this lingam on the requests from Nar and Narayan. You can go there to seek the blessings from Shivji himself.

The river flowing next to the temple is considered to hold special significance in the life of the Hindu people visiting this Dham. Mandakini River makes its way right next to the temple and is held on a very high accord due to its significance for being one of the holiest tributaries of river Ganga.

Even if you are not a religious individual but are looking to indulge in a fun filled, unique outdoor experience coupled up with a hint of spirituality then visiting Kedarnath and beyond will allow you to open your avenues for travelling.

The place is also believed to have been built by the Pandava brothers who had come here during their journey to heaven. They are also said to have meditated here in deep penance asking for forgiveness from Lord Shiva. This mythical account just adds on to the spiritual aura that it has to offer.

Temple Architecture:

Kedarnath dham successfully represents the peak of the ancient Hindu architecture and is believed to have been built between 9th to 11th century. However, a further study into the outside and inside structure of the temple reveals that it may have been built even way before the said duration, leaving the exact period of creation of Kedarnath unknown. The temple is made out of massive blocks of mountain rocks and is built with a purpose to stay intact during the harshest of the weather. A series of stone steps lead up to the temple which is spread out in an area of 3 sq. km. and placed right in front of the temple is an idol of Nandi cow which only adds on to the beauty of this temple.

Inside the Temple:

The insides of the temple of Kedarnath are built in a typical Indian Hindu temple style consisting of a prayer hall and a Garbha Griha or an inner sanctum. The idol of the presiding deity is in the form of an irregular triangular rock which is worshipped by the pilgrims. The walls inside the temple is decorated in carvings and engravings dedicated to various gods and goddesses like goddess Parvati etc. you will definitely be able to experience the ancient aura which is well preserved and remains intact. On entering the temple you will be encountered with another tiny, golden sculpture of Nandi the cow. Overall, a visit to this temple will definitely rejuvenate your soul.

What to Expect During Your Visit to Kedarnath Dham?

Reaching Kedarnath Dham is a very testing job and should only be undertaken if you are ready for it. If you opt for a trekking option then you will be making your way from Gaurikund. While walking on the paved route on one side there is a range of lush green rolling mountain and on the other side (to the right) is the fast flowing river of Mandakini. The paths are railed on the side of the river which offers safety to the devotees trekking. During the peak season months you will be encountering a huge rush of pilgrims who will be accompanying you during your Yatra to Kedarnath. The journey is mostly steep and there are tea shops, shaded rest stops and food stalls present in regular intervals throughout the trekking route. The last leg of the journey will require you to cross the river from a metal bridge that connects the trekking route to the opposite mountain side where the temple is located.

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