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ChardhamOne click will be all it takes to get detailed information about facilities for tourists, rest rooms for women, weather, road conditions and visitor amenities. The department of Tourism has launched an app XLR Outing for this.

Your mobile will henceforth provide you all information regarding Char Dham Yatra. You can get any query addressed and know whether the roads have been drugged or the weather condition or the facilities for visitors by just a click. The Tourism department’s initiative Explore Outing will have a new feature named Char Dham Updates.

Typically visitors and pilgrims going to Char Dham had to fight against bad road conditions and blocked roads. This App will now provide all information regarding road conditions and pilgrims will also be able to share their experiences and reviews. However the travellers will have to register on this app to avail all features.

How It Works

The CEO of the Mobile App making company, Amit Mittal says that clicking on the Char Dham update section on the App will open up a map of Uttarakhand. The location pin of travellers can be seen here. Once the location pin is clicked on, travellers can see detailed information about location. The app uses GPS to track the location of user. Users can upload their photo and description on the App too.

Before the descriptions are published on the app, the details shall be sent to local police, tourism dept. and BRO and once verified the details will be published. Valid registered users will be intimated via SMS about road conditions, weather, facilities and other important details.

Publicity of the App will happen on Char Dham Route

The tourism minister Satpal Maharaj says that the app is very suitable for Char Dham and has ordered publicity and PR activities centering on App to happen around Char Dham route. All information regarding tourist attractions on the route will also be published through the app so that visitors can add value to their tour.

More Information Available

  • Information about tourist destinations in and around Char Dham Route
  • Hotels and Rest Rooms around the Char Dham Route
  • Health and Police emergency service details
  • E ticketing process and information via app

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