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Devout Hindus must undertake a pilgrimage at least once in their lives. For most, the major Char Dham yatra in India that covers the four corners of Dwarka, Badrinath, Puri, and Rameshwaram are simply too lengthy. Equal merit is obtained when one undertakes Chardham yatra in Uttarakhand covering Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri in that sequence. To complete this Chardham yatra in a flawless way you need to follow certain strategies and tips. Also, you need to have a clear idea about the route to the Chardhams following the right route and travel during the ideal time saves much of your hassle.

The Chardham yatra season starts from May and ends in November. It is best to travel during that time as during the other months weather at the Chardhams may be pretty erratic and even may make the journey rather impossible. During the time period starting from May until November, the weather remains the most travel-friendly and that is the time you should make use of for your Chardham yatra. However, make sure to avoid the months of July-August because during that time monsoons lash across the Garhwal mountains accelerating the risk of landslides to a large extent.

Starting the yatra from Delhi via Haridwar or Rishikesh takes you on the right route and makes your travel organized and hassle-free. There are a plethora of tour operators offering Chardham tour from Haridwar. Research on the packages they offer until you have chosen the one that suits you best. Your yatra to the Chardhams should be preceded by a solid planning and an appropriate mindset on your part. Here follows a well-planned Chardham yatra itinerary to let you complete your yatra successfully. Read on to learn more-

Day 01: Yatra To The Holy Chardhams Commences
Yamunotri Trek RouteYour Chardham yatra commences at Haridwar. This ancient holy city is considered as a gateway to God’s world. From Haridwar we drive to Barkot, a hill town nearly 215kms from Haridwar. Barkot offers you with ample options for a comfortable night stay before you set out for the most memorable Chardham Yatra the next day.

Day 02: Yamunotri Trek
Next morning you need to proceed towards Janki Chatty and then towards Hanuman Chatty from where you trek a distance of 6kms to reach the Yamunotri shrine. This trek is the first of the treks on the Chardham route and stands out as a real invigorating experience for sure. On reaching pay your tribute to Goddess Yamuna; take a dip in the River Yamuna and visit the other notable sightseeing places at Yamunotri such as Divya Shila, Surya Kund, Hanuman chatty. After darshan and sightseeing return to Barkot via Janki chatty.

Day 03: Proceed Towards Uttarkashi
UttarkashiNext day move towards Uttarkashi, often referred to as ‘Kashi of the north’ which is 82kms away from Barkot and takes you 4hrs to reach. En route Uttarkashi you can visit Prakateshwar limestone caves and on reaching Uttarkashi, you can visit the much revered Vishwanath temple of Lord Shiva. Overnight at Uttarkashi….

On my way, don’t miss the attraction like Prakateshwar Caves (dedicated by limestone and devoted to Lord Shiva). Make a lot of time by visiting Lord Vishwanath temple in Uttarkashi. Lodge at hotel friendly and comfortable budget-friendly hotel such as Divya Palace, Hotel Jahnavi, and Hotel Shivalinga.

Day 04: Reach Gangotri and Return
Drive to the sacred Gangotri Dham early morning. Visit the holy Gangotri shrine, offer your puja and take a ritual bath in River Ganges post which you can drive back to Uttarkashi the same very day.

Day 05: Halt at Guptakashi
GuptakashiNext day drive to Guptakashi about 223kms away and halt there for the night. Your journey towards Guptakashi signals the start of your Kedarnath Dham yatra. The exotic Himalayan town of Guptakashi is embellished with the beauty of Magnolia and offers real panoramic views of Himalayan peaks such as Chaukhamba. You may halt for the night at Guptakashi and towards the evening visit the famed Ardh Narishwar temple of Guptakashi.

Prepare yourself for a magnificent journey to Kedarnath. Guptkashi is a charming small town filled with Magnolia’s scent. Visiting the Vishwanath temple and the semi-Narishwar temple in the evening is a good idea.

Day 06: Kedarnath Trek Begins
Kedarnath Trek RouteNext day we start our second trek of the entire Chardham yatra; trek to Kedarnath Dham. It is one of the most difficult treks in the Chardham Route and starts from the Gaurikund base camp. The trek offers you with some real memorable sights worth cherishing all through life. On reaching Kedarnath, you need to put up for the night at some nearby hotel.

Day 07: Depart for Rudraprayag
Next morning you’ll visit the much auspicious Kedarnath temple of lord Shiva; one of the highest Jyotirlingams of Lord Shiva. After offering puja at the temple you may trek your way back to Gaurikund, from where you could set out for your onward journey towards Rudraprayag. It is a distance of 80kms away and takes about 4-5 hours to reach. This town is one of the sacred ‘Panch Prayag’ and stands along the holy confluence of River Alaknanda and River Mandakini. The evening is left free to explore Rudraprayag. You are to halt for the night at Rudraprayag.

Day 08: Head Towards Badrinath
Badrinath TempleNext day early morning you move towards the holy Badrinath Dham. Badrinath Dham is the sacred abode of Lord Vishnu. On reaching you proceed to offer your puja at the Badrinath temple after taking a holy dip in the sacred Tapt Kund. Apart from Badrinath temple, you may also visit the other sightseeing places such as Narad Kund, Bhim Pul, Vyas Gufa, Mata murti temple etc. Night halt at Badrinath after attending the most auspicious evening aarti at the Badrinath temple.

Day 09: Back to Rudraprayag
Next morning we travel back to Rudraprayag and retire to the hotel. The rest of the day is left free for you to explore the holy town of Rudraprayag. Night halt at the hotel in Rudraprayag.

Day 10: Yatra ends Successfully
Drive down to Haridwar/Rishikesh and proceed for your onward journey back home with lots of happy memories of the tour.

So, this is how you can complete your Chardham yatra successfully…

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