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The holy Char Dham Yatra which is so important in Uttarakhand is now enhanced with high-speed Internet and 4 G. The sacred Char Dham journey is now more secured and equipped with facilities.

4g network in chardhamThe Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s scheme Digital India Mission has facilitated a lot of technological advancement in the Char Dham sector. Cemented cable ducts will be put inside the national highways and major roads connected to the Chardham sector. Through the Digital India Scheme the whole area will be facilitated with 4 G network of high speed.

The current situation ensures that communication will not falter even in disastrous situations like heavy snow fall, Landslides, road blockages and other natural calamities. Even the neighboring villages and district towns will be benefitted by the presence of the 4 G network. The Digital India project whose valuation has been pegged at a whooping 12 thousand crores covers a lot of regions in Uttarakhand and the Char Dham region is the latest addition to the Digital enhancement map.

The major communication and telecommunication failure which happened during the 2013 catastrophe in Kedarnath led to serious issues in evacuation and rescue process. Due to the lack of a robust communication facility and telecommunication network in many villages and towns of Uttarakhand, the development work had also slowed down. There are many zilas and zones whose authorities were unable to communicate with each other on important official issues through the video conferencing facility.

Communication Companies will Boost up Network System

The news of these emergency disasters are unable to reach the authorities and rescue personnel in time now but in future the installation of the cable transmission ducts will solve this issue. The installation of these ducts is being done in all the national highways and major roads near the Char Dham zone through the Prime Minister’s digital India scheme. Leading telecommunication giants will be installing their cables through these ducts in the entire area. The ducts which will be installed will be of premium durability and strength and will be made of premium grade iron rods, steel scraps and quality cement.

The char dham area is susceptible to heavy rainfall, landslides, shifts in the terrain, snowfall but these calamities will not be able to harm the ducts. Even if the duct cracks or is damaged in some way the O.F.C (optical fiber) will remain protected and the communication system will be unbroken. The ducts will be cut in several places in between to accommodate junction boxes. These junction boxes will be utilised in providing connections to far-flung districts and villages. The major roads, national highways and transport departments of the state have designed to procure 900 km of ducts for this project.

These ducts will be laid down for the high speed 4 G network. The digital India mission has formally recognized and incepted the Char Dham zone in its radar and DPR. The cost of incorporating this project in the Uttarakhand zone will be approximately 25 lakh per km. The internet and the communication facility will be strengthened immensely and these systems will not even fail during emergencies and natural calamities. The developmental work of the Char Dham geographical zone will also be facilitated by this project.

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