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Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter copyKedar Nath promises the facility of Helicopter services for tourists in an enhanced way this 2015 Char Dham season. 2 big Helipads have been constructed in the Kedarnath region which allow for the launch and take off of more than helicopters in one shot. The aim of the Transport Services Department is to allow and facilitate maximum women to each the shrine of Kedar Nath Baba on time and in schedule.

It was in 2003 that the Helicopter service to Kedar Nath was stated from Agastya Muni. The Helicopter Service Agencies have started services in Phata and Guptakashi areas as these places have been deemed suitable for Helicopter Services. 5 different companies have been operating helicopter service in these areas for the last two areas. The two top operators Pawan Hans and Prabhatam Aviation have been operating for last 8 years. Earlier there were only two Helipads in Kedar Nath and this meant that only Helicopters could land at one time. Now under the new and improved circumstances the Nehru Mountaineering Institute had sanctioned the construction and installation of 40*80 meter long helipad which allows the landing and takeoff of 5 helicopters at once. This helipad will be constructed behind the ancient Kedar Nath Shrine. Apart from this a 100*50 meter helipad which can accommodate MI 26 helicopter has already been built. The Nehru Mountaineering Institute Head Instructor Colonel Ajay Kathiyal has released a statement that the area behind the Kedarnath temple and the base camp are good areas for accommodating the gigantic helipads. There will be the facility for accommodating 5-10 helicopters in these helipads simultaneously. In emergency situations, there is the provision for large helicopter landings which can be used for tourist evacuations.

Improved helicopter services promises better tourist facilitation services this Char Dham Yatra season.

News Source: jagran.com

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