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In Dehradaun there was a law that stopped commercial vehicles from other states from entering the city during Cha Dham Yatra season. The taxi Maxi operator unions of the area are in the favor of continuing the system of banning outside vehicles in the area as these cuts into their earnings. However due to the proposed new rules this demand becomes difficult to fulfill. Officials from road and transportation department say that the regulation committee in charge of Char Dham Yatra 2015 has proposed that outside vehicles may be allowed subject to conditions.

Chardham Road

The conditions detail the rules that owners and operators of outside commercial vehicles have to adhere to. Firstly, the Green Card will be issued only once in the Yatra Time. They will have to procure the Green Cad again if they wish to undertake the Cha Dham Journey the second time. However the local transporters are still persistent in their demand that only local vehicles be allowed to go on the Char Dham Yatra. They argue that the Kedar Nath disaster of 2013 has harmed their living conditions in a major way and their source of income has also been slashed. Since the last two years have been financially detrimental to the auto and taxi drivers they are now unwilling to let competition in the form of external transporters now enter the market. The Government has asked the Road and Transportation department to form a separate committee that can give suitable peace making recommendations. The head of the committee RTO technical is M. Sudhanshu Garg and he is the one now responsible for finding out a solution.

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