Gaumukh trek will be enabled with Wifii connection

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Gaumukh trek will be enabled with Wifii connection

Gaumukh trek will be enabled with Wifii connection – devotees will now be able to browse the internet up till the mouth of River Ganga.

Wi-Fi Connectivity will be available in Gaumukh Trek

Adventure seeking tourists and devotees going up to Gaumukh will now experience a better quality of arrangements for the trek up to the mouth of the glacier. Visitors will now be treated with better wifii connection as a part of their improving the telecommunications and they will also witness a cleaner route with the utilization of a solid waste management system. All these new changes will be made as a part of the Heritage Tourist Destination Development program. Under this scheme the central government has invited heritage centres and corporate houses to come forward and help in evolving the state of these heritage sites. As a result of this invitation the central government was flooded with numerous proposals from various corporate houses. One such proposal for Gaumukh trek was made by the Adventure Association of India where they have proposed to work on the development of the trekking route. Arrangement for cleaning of the entire trekking route is proposed to be done through solid waste management.the said developments are being made in order to not let the devotees and adventure seeking tourists be completely cut off from the rest of the world while they are on this trekking route. They will be also making sure that the trekkers will not get lost in the mountains by providing sign boards all along the route. Along with the said facilities all the other facilities will also be developed.

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