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Free Wi Fi KedarnathFree Wi Fi services have been launched in Kedarnath since Thursday the service has been made available to the members of the public… All the preparations for the same have been achieved by Wednesday. The pilgrims and tourists visiting Kedarnath Dham will be highly benefited from this service. However, only 200 people at a time can use the Wi Fi facility available in Kedarnath. For pilgrims this facility has been arranged to about 100 meter perimeter of the Kedarnath temple.

On the other hand air services to Kedarnath Dham have been started from Thursday. Initially plans were made to launch this service last Wednesday but somehow this could not happen. However after obtaining the appropriate permission from DGCA the Upper Chief Official Mr. Rakesh Sharma had claimed to start the air service from Wednesday. The local officials say that though the permission letter has been granted there is no mention of a concrete date.

The air service operating companies delay in completing the full formalities and preparations prior to the service launch has been cited to be the reason behind the delay in service launch. The company staff has already reached Guptakashi and Kedarnath and services are expected to begin from Thursday.

The two-way fare to Kedarnath has been pegged at INR 7000 per ticket. The DGCA has allowed the operations of Pawanhans, Pinnacle, UTR, Sim Sam, Aryan, Sumit Aviation, Global Vectra and Himalayan Helipad for the Kedarnath operations.

Since last Wednesday light sunshine has been seen at Kedarnath. Both local authorities and pilgrims are very happy at the change/ improvement in the weather. Since last Wednesday ice cutting work has started at Limchauli taking advantage of the fair weather. On23 rd April a road was constructed amidst the cut ice blocks but ice slides were causing problems in the conveyance route through this point.

On the other hand, a road has been constructed between MI 26 helipad and the temple and tiles have been used to line the road. This work will be over in two days. On last Tuesday there was rain and snowfall in Kedarnath.

The Government has anticipated a high rise in the pilgrim footfall to Kedarnath in the next few days. 30 tents have been put up in Linchauli through the help of KDA. Accommodation options for 7-10 people have been arranged at the most critical point in the foot road to Kedarnath. At present 300 people are staying near Kedarnath Area.
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