Kedarnath Experiences an Unbelievable Number of Devotees, Surpassing the Devotee Count at Badrinath

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Kedarnath 4For the first time in the history of Char Dham Yatra, Kedarnath Dham has witnessed a larger number of crowds of pilgrims as compared to the anticipated devotees for Badrinath Dham. Kedarnath Dham’s doors were opened for devotees on 29th April while the Badrinath Dham doors were opened on 30th April.

In the past, the number of devotees reaching Badrinath Dham had always been higher than the number of devotees reaching Kedarnath Dham. But this pilgrimage season saw a changing trend. While the amount of pilgrims reaching Kedarnath had reached to a whopping 12 thousand on the other hand the number of devotees reaching Badrinath remained around 11 to 12 thousand.

The situation is that, it hasn’t even been a month ever since the gates of Kedar were thrown open for Darshan, the number of tirth Yatris have passed 3.5 lakh. The ever increasing numbers of the tirth yatris have the locals smiling and happy while on the other hand the Badrinath – Kedarnath temple association’s income has also witnessed a profit.

According to the locals, Kedarnath is experiencing an increase in the number of Yatris is because after the 2013 perils, there have been continuous re constructions and re-establishment going on. The helicopter services being carried out here has also seen an increase in the number of visitors.

Ever since the word has spread in India that Uttarakhand is safe now, Yatris have been turning up at an increased rate. Officials that are on duty in Kedarnath have been directed to make sure that the devotees visiting here are given proper food and meals along with making sure that they have a safe stay. They have also been asked to keep a check on the rate list in the shops present here, from time to time.

The perils that occurred in June 2013 had caused major destructions in Kedarghati which is right next to Kedarpuri. Two years prior to this the Kedarnath Yatra was almost shut down. However, in 2016 and 2017 the Yatra saw an eventual rise in the devotees and this year confirms that the Kedarnath Yatra is back in action and running smoothly.

Post the June 2013 massacre the Kedarnath Yatra trend had changed completely. Initially Yatris would prefer walking the whole way to the temple, but these days, due to the rise in the number of devotees’ people now prefer helicopter services, horses and mules to reach the temple. After the temple gates were opened almost 40 percent of the Yatris made their way to the temple using the helicopter service, horses or mules.

The senior Tirth official, Shrinivas posti said “during the past years, devotees and pilgrims would walk from Rishikesh itself but with time yatris and devotees have changed their ways in approaching their journey”. The year 2003 saw the introduction of helicopter services, and back then only a handful of people were able to avail it. Post the year 2013, helicopter services in Kedarnath experienced a high rise in this service.

Nowadays every other Yatri is seeking and utilizing this helicopter service to reach the temple. In the year 2016 overall 3.09 lakh Tirth Yatris had visited Kedarnath. Out of these, 90 thousand yatris had reached the temple using these helicopter services. But this time, the beginning 23 days saw 30 thousand yatris using the helicopter services to reach Kedarnath. Horses and mules were also utilized by around 80 thousand yatris to reach the temple.

However, changing situations have also caused this increase. Ever since the perils of 2013, the new and re constructed trekking route to Kedarnath has increased by 2km, making the entire journey of 16km. at the same time, the steep ascent and the lesser amount of oxygen on such a height, made walking an extremely difficult option.

Because of this, the older tirth yatris have experienced a sigh of relief. This time, ever since the commencement of the yatra on an average at least one yatri has been dying on a daily basis, making the government worried. With the help of video conferencing Chief secretary Utpal Kumar Singh is keeping an eye on the Kedarnath yatra including the medical setups and also gave relevant directions.

District officer of Rudraprayag has told that “on your way from Rudraprayag to gholteer there are 23 medical relief posts present. An arrangement for 40 oxygen cylinders and 15 oxygen generators have been done. Apart from doctors, 46 para medical staff has been also appointed. 2 heart disease expert surgeons have also been appointed.

According to him, the entire Yatra is being closely watched. In case while trekking on the walking path, some yatri falls sick, they will be airlifted in a helicopter to the nearest available health centre where they will be provided due treatment. It is obvious that devotees will come in large numbers in this chota char dham yatra and if the weather stays pleasant then a growth is expected.

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