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The Tourism Department of Uttaranchal Government has taken a strong step in enhancing the level of services offered to tourists during the holy Char Dham Yatra. In view of the recent Kedarnath fiasco which had taken a toll on the tourist footfall; the Government is now working doubly hard to ensure that tourists feel secure and safe in travelling to the Char Dhams.

The plan for enhanced vigilance and improved damage control systems use modern technology in an admirable way. Officers deployed at nearby points on the Char Dham route will be incorporated in a WhatsApp group. This group will mainly be established for tourist facilitation as important notifications, observations and alerts for future weather problems, emergency evacuation measures etc will be shared through this group. The speed, data connectivity and advanced communication features offered by WhatsApp has prompted its choice as a communication tool for officers in charge of monitoring the Char Dham Yatra.

Last Thursday the Commissioner f Gharwhal C.S Naplyachal addressed the police, administrative officers and Char Dham officials to incorporate the use of WhatsApp as an official medium of communication towards this end. The dictates were given in the course of his official address in the Swarna Jayanti Town Hall in Garhwal. The 2023 Chardham Yatra season will open on 2023 and the Uttaranchal Government is very concerned that no issue should arise during the Char Dham Season (May to October).

Though Uttaranchal earns a massive amount of money each year from the heavy traffic flow during the Char Dham season it’s a fact that the infrastructure of the areas near the Char Dham i.e. Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri is not up to the mark. The heavy rainfall and dense snowfall witnessed in these areas have left the roads in a very shabby state. Officials from BRO and PWD have contributed their reports on the problems faced during the issues in Rishikesh, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri. According to the reports there are 29 places in the road connecting Rishikesh to Badrinath which need repair. The commissioner has directed the concerned authorities to take concrete steps to repair the damage within 15 April. The power supply and water supply in these areas will also be strengthened by 30 March.

The state transport division has been directed to check the Green Card numbers, fitness conditions and quality check of the vehicles and the departments of healthcare have been instructed to better their emergency care facilities. Other issues that were discussed in the address by the Joint Commissioner were ways to improve the police control, telecommunication and the hygiene facilities. The decided corrective measures will all be implemented by latest 15th April.

The DIG Sanjay Munjyal, D.M Rudraprayag Dr Raghav Langar and ADM Dehradun Pratap Shah along with SP Dehat Manikant Mishra and other important officials were present in the meeting.

Top Cardiologists called from other states

This year top cardiologists will be called in from different states during Char Dham Yatra time. The cardiologists will be setting up temporary clinics at five designated places on the Char Dham route. This is just another measure taken by the government to tackle the medical facility deficit that accumulates in the area during tourist season.

Deployment of SDRF at strategic Points

Post the natural disaster in Kedarnath in the past the Government has decided to deploy state disaster response force at strategic points on the Kedarnath Route. Sanjay Gunjyal (DIG) has said that processes are already underway to select and train the SDRF FORCES.

The vulnerable path between Gaurikund and Kedarnath has several areas which are prone to landslides. There are about 100 earthquake and landslide-prone areas that have been demarcated around this area. BRO and the police force have been directed to coordinate with each other in order to mitigate emergency situations and tackle security issues which might arise. Special training has been imparted in order to sensitize the forces towards the importance of opening the roads during emergency situations.

Police coordinate with transport providers to beat crime

Transport service providers like car coach rental service providers, bus service providers, travel operators etc have been instructed to coordinate with the state police and SDRF to help spot illegal activities, potential miscreants and impending disasters during the impending Char Dham tourist season. Mobile numbers of transport providers have been submitted to local police stations. Special Whats App groups have been formed through which per minute updates about traffic snarls, route issues will be given.

 News Source : Amarujala.com

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