Bus Transit Compound for Char Dham Yatra to Undergo 80 Lakh Worth of Beautification

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Bus Transit Compound for Char Dham Yatra to Undergo 80 Lakh Worth of Beautification

The Char Dham Yatra bus transit compound (BTC) is soon going to experience a major makeover. The municipal department is expected to spend 80 lakh rupees for the beautification of BTC. As per the program the divider area situated in the middle of the entry and exit gate will be adorned with a green belt. The municipal corporation took the advice of the district magistrate and the administrator of Municipal Corporation to design this program. As per the BTC beautification program the half a kilometer long divider which is located at the main entrance and the exit route will be demolished. In place of which the municipal corporation will establish a green belt along with double arm lights.

Bus Transit Compound for Char Dham YatraApart from this the compound will also include a tin shed for the Yatris and devotees who take up this journey from across the globe. Initially this expensive char Dham Yatra BTC was devoid of any shed because of which tourists and Yatris were left in the scorching sun during peak summer months and stranded to get wet in rain while waiting for their car to arrive during monsoon months.

Iron Mesh will be installed on the banks of Chandrabhaga River

As per the beautification scheme iron mesh will be installed all the border of char Dham Yatra BTC extending till the border of Chandrabhaga bridge at Badrinath highway. The aim of this mesh is to reduce and halt the amount of garbage which is thrown and disposed off in the river water. Dustbins will also be installed in the nearby close places where tourists and Yatris will be able to dispose off their garbage.

Municipal Website is Ready and Will be Launched Soon

On behalf of the municipal corporation, the website has been prepared to allow the city population to know about the development taking place in these schemes and programs, and is set to launch by next month. In the first phase, information related to corporation on the website, details of currently operated and future plans will be provided. In the second phase, complaint cell and house tax details, tax filing facility and tender process are also proposed online on the website.


“The corporation administrators are putting a lot of emphasis on improving citizen facilities in the municipal area. On his directives, action plan has been prepared for beautification and other activities of Chardham Yatra bus transit compound main road. About 80 lakh rupees will be spent on beautification the implementation of the scheme will be started soon.”

………..Uttam Singh Negi, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Rishikesh.

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