Religious Potency of Thiruchendur


Thiruchendur which is renowned for its pilgrimage centre is in fact a small coastal town located within the quarters of Toothukudi District of Tamil Nadu. Its close proximity within the Gulf of Mannar has made the town home to many pilgrims and because of the mythological call of the Lord Murugan the people here are very strict and devotional regarding their spiritual call.

Surrounded by the wonders of coastal and arid forest from here one can look to drive down to witness the settlement of Tuticorin which can be considered as another major attraction of the state. While walking down the corner of Thiruchendur dry land forests you will witness the red colored soil which according to folklore is carnage of a thief who was executed by the decree of Karkkuuvel Ayyanar.The dry land forest of Thiruchendur is very much observed by thick vegetation and within the walks of it you will sense the meadows of tropical plants, palm trees and cashew plantation.


History of Thiruchendur

To understand the history of Thiruchendur one would require travelling down to the call of Pre Christian era because during that time the site was renowned for its pilgrim centre and owing to its importance it has found its reference within the ancient columns and ancient text.

As per believe, Lord Murugan assassinated the mischievous sprite Surapadman within this place and since the site has called for spiritual veneration. They say the town is amongst the six holy abodes of Lord Murugan.Thiruchendur during its early phase was revered as Kapadapuram but with the passage of time the town got its new name and at present the site is much celebrated as Thiruchendur.

Traveler must understand that Thiruchendur was home to many ruling dynasties like Cheras, Pandyas etc and during their reign they administered the line and developed the city according to their religious pattern.It was during the call of late 16th century Thiruchendur witnessed an aggression of Dutch which was however confronted by the joint military action of Portuguese and Nayaks. According to history the reason behind invading Thiruchendur was to capture Toothukudi from the Portuguese.



The general meaning of Thiruchendur is sacred and prosperous town of victory and traveler must understand that it is the second celestial dwelling of Lord Murugan. Beside that the city is housed with the shrine of Lord Murugan which is nestled within an estuary of sea shore.



Since we understood the religious vibrancy of Thiruchendur, now it becomes very importance for us to talk about the festivals of the city. Brahmothsavam, Vasanthothsavam, Visaka Visakam, Skandha Sashti, Aavanipperunthirunaal and Maasipperunthirunaal are some of the most awaited occasion where people from around the world come to venerate the site.


Best Time to Visit

Consider coming here during the months of October to March to witness the best out of town.


How to Reach

By Train- the nearest railway station to Thiruchendur is Tirunelveli Junction which is located at a distance of around 60 km from here and the Tirunelveli Junction are very well connected with all the major cities and towns of the state.

By Air– the nearest airport to Thiruchendur is Tuticorin Airport which is located at a distance of around 40 km from here.

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