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The preparation for Chardham Yatra 2015 will be thoroughly investigated by BJP officials who are arriving in two teams at Badrinath and Kedarnath this Saturday. The BJP area leader Mr Tirath Singh Rawat has designated a separate team of investigating officials to the sacred location of Guptakashi. Mr Rawat issued a statement that proper investigation will be made of the whole route from Gaurikund to Kedarnath and there will be critical assessment of the Yatra preparations and offered facilities.

The second team of investigating officers will operate under the leadership of Ex Parliament member Harbhans Kapoor. This team has already left for Badrinath. Earlier officials investigating the facilities in Rudraprayag had issued a statement that they will finish their assessment soon and submit a report to the Rajyapal. Among the BJP constituted teams the Ex Minister Vijaya Badthawal, Ex Parliamentary member Balraj Pasi, Vidhayak Mr. Premchand Agarwal, Swami Yaishwananands, Sanja Gupta, Naresh Bansal, Suresh Joshi, Gyan Singh Negi and the officials from Zila were present.

The 11th JyotirLinga Bhagwan Kedarnath’s 5-faced idol will begin its journey on 20th April to its winter abode Kedarnath from Dham Akreshwar Mandir. Many pilgrims and devotees will be present in the foot yatra. On 20th April the Yatra will leave from Ukhimath and then proceed to Guptakashi where the 5-faced Idol will be displayed. Night worship and stay will be arranged in Viswanath Mandir.

On 21st April the PadYatra will reach Fata and on 22nd April the 5-faced idol will reach Gaurikund. On 23rd April the same Yatra will reach its summer abode of Kedarnath. On 24th April morning the doors of Kedarnath shrine will be opened accompanied by sacred recital of hymns by Vedic Sages. The exact time for the opening ceremony is 8.45 A.M. and subsequently Kedarnath Ji idol will be mounted in the temple.

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