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The temple of Yamunotri Dham is located within the district of Uttarkashi in devbhoomi Uttarakhand. It is known that the temple is the starting point for the holy char dham yatra that takes place annually. The temple is nestled amidst lofty mountains, cascading waterfalls and jagged greenery which makes it not only a sacred but also a very beautiful pilgrimage as well. The temple marks the source of river yamunotri i.e. Champasar glacier which is located at a distance. this iconic landmark of unparalleled Hindu devotion has been attracting sages, philosophers, seers, priests, devotees etc. ever since centuries. Only reachable after covering a narrow route of 7 kms on foot however on reaching the deep spiritual and tranquil vibe of this place will encapsulate you making all the effort worth it.

What is Bhagvat Katha?

Bhagwat Katha is known for being one of the most holy books for Hindus. It contains an incredibly detailed amount of insight and offer new perspective to the people who read the narrative present in this book. It is said that once a person truly grasps the meaning behind each word and sentence they have a life changing experience that changes their thoughts and thinking processes forever. This complete transformation that and individual goes through on listening to this, is considered to be equivalent to a new birth of the self. The Katha narrates the entire life stories of the 24 different incarnations of Lord Vishnu and among these, its 10th volume which is the story of Lord Krishna, is described in immense detail.

Why should you Get Bhagwat Katha Done?

There are numerous benefits of Bhagwat Katha that one could experience. Here are a few reasons that would make you go for it right away:

  • Mostly people get it organised at their home or at holy places to promote their well being by pleasing and praying to Lord Vishnu.
  • To make your spiritual journey more pious or which is commonly known as Bhagwat Prapti.
  • It is believed to please the Pitra Dev of your community and allow his blessings to shine on you and your family.
  • In order to attain moksha or salvation from the karmic cycle of birth and rebirth.

Bhagwat Katha Service in Yamunotri:

Once the gate for yamunotri Dham temple opens up for darshan to the devotees the puja rituals and darshan starts with great zeal and excitement. One of the most significant things to do while in Yamunotri is opting for the Bhagwat Katha ritual. We offer this service as well, where you will just have to speak to us about your requirement and we will arrange everything from the Pandit to the Samagri for you in order to guarantee a soulful and successful trip to yamunotri dham. To make your Katha arrangements easier you can book this service with us and have a peaceful time. What better way of making your spiritual pilgrimage even better and leaving with a new perspective on life and your personal well-being. This service is available at the most decent price and in the end it will all be totally worth it.

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