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Deemed for being the holiest Hindu books in the world the verses of Bhagvad Gita resonates deeply with the reader and gives us the clues as to how to spend your life in peace. Bhagwat Geeta Katha takes place in almost every Hindu temple or sacred shrines as it is believed that doing so will make you feel closer to the lord and clear your mind. People have also said that after reading the Bhagvad Gita their lives had changed tremendously.

This sacred book consists of verses that are in the form of a dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjun in the field of Mahabharat at Kurukshetra. The book paves the way for the reader to experience ultimate freedom from all the worldly bondages and illusions.

Why you should get Bhagvad Katha done?

There have been several instances which proves the fact that reading this sacred book will definitely change the way you perceive the world and everything is clarified in your mind. Here are a few benefits that devotees have experienced:

  • Prosperity in wealth and healthy health
  • To attain Bhagvad Prapti or help in your spiritual journey
  • To achieve salvation or moksha
  • To please your ancestors or Pitra Dev
  • For achieving the ultimate peace and free yourself from evil forces
  • To fulfill your desires or Mannat which is also termed as Manokamna Purti

Bhagvad Katha in Haridwar:

The holy and one of the most pious city in India, Haridwar is entirely dotted with old, new and even ancient temples dedicated to a variety of gods and goddesses. We realize the importance of this particular puja ritual and we can get this extremely holy puja ritual done. In case you decide on going to Haridwar then do not forget to opt for the Bhagvad Path Katha in one of the innumerable temples that adorn this city where the holy Ganga River touches the plains after making her way from the mountains.

Being a part of this soul stirring Katha is one of the most sacred and highly revered things to during your travels to not only in Haridwar but also in Rishikesh. Listening to the life changing chants will make you, your family and your bygone ancestors very happy and feel positive. Apart from this Katha or Path there are several other rituals that goes on in the temples of Haridwar. We take pride in organizing wholesome and spiritual Bhagavad Gita Path for everyone seeking a spiritual upliftment or want to add a pinch of devotion in your plans.

Apart from the temples a number of Ashrams here also offer you this service. No matter which option you are going for, we enable you to experience the real meaning and the truth of Bhagvad Gita. Being the holiest of all Hindu texts the main motive of this ritual is to red you of all your fears, solve your issues and achieve complete inner peace through decoding the meaning behind those verses.

If you happen to visit Haridwar for a spiritual holiday then these are a few temples which you will definitely visit and opting for this Bhagwat puja ritual can also be included. These temples include places like – Chandi Devi Temple, Mansa Devi Temple, Har Ki Pauri Ghat, Maya Devi Temple, Daksha Mahadev Temple etc. if during booking a package you speak to your tour manager about including this service as well then your trip will truly be a memorable and worth every effort.

Contact us to organize Shrimad Bhagwat Katha

We organize Bhagwat Katha and Ram Katha. We take care of accommodation of team, Vyasa, Area for sitting people, a good stage, electric function, and Bhandhara and whatever you want to add extra.

In the end, we provide you with materials for Katha’s invitation in electronic format so you can print or share it with your near and dear or your web page, Facebook, or any other media.

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