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The seat of goddess Ganga at the holy temple of Gangotri is where the char dham yatra pilgrimage of Uttarakhand commences. Located on the bank of the holy river Bhagirathi and close to the source of the holy river of Ganga i.e. Gaumukh this temple is humble looking yet extremely sacred. Reaching here is relatively easier as compared to the other Dham temples located in the same region. No matter what it takes to reach the temple, the end result is always magnificent and simply awe inspiring. The temple is set against an amazing backdrop of panoramic and scenic snow clad mountain peaks and impeccable lush green valleys while being accompanied with the gushing river on one end. All these facts make it one of the most holy and fun pilgrimages in India.

Gangotri Bhagavat Katha

Bhagvad Katha Experience in

The divine Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Katha takes place every year after the opening of the Gangotri Dham temple. This Katha is said to be extremely pious and evokes all the good luck and a sense of positivity in the life of everyone who undertakes this Katha. Ganga holds a lot of significance in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita as well where the holy Ganga River is mentioned. This Katha takes place regularly and one needs to book it before-hand. It truly is a one of a kind experiences and makes the whole environment very positive and soulful. There are some Kathas that are also organised by the renowned sage pujya Bhaishri whose first Katha took place in Gangotri on 1990.

Bhagvad Katha Services offered by Us

It is advised for people to get Bhagvad Katha done at least once during their visit to the holy temples of char dham Uttarakhand. It is believed that getting this done will shower prosperity and turn your life around for good. If you wish to be a part of this potentially life changing experience then you can book a Bhagwat Katha in Gangotri Dham with us. Along with packages for Gangotri, Do Dham and Char Dham Yatra we also enable you to have a wonderfully though provoking and peaceful experience through this holy Bhagvad Katha. You can contact us on your number mentioned on the website and speak to our manager regarding this. Our associates at the temple of Gangotri will get everything arranged (Samagri etc.) on the day of your arrival and all you will have to do is reach there. This service has been one of the most successful services and continues to be top rated among religious seekers. We realise the need for you to have a completely devotional experience and Bhagvad Katha is one of the most unmissable things that you must do.

Why you should get Bhagvad Katha Done?

Still wondering how this Katha is beneficial for you then here are a few reasons that will make you book one right away:

  • Invite prosperity in your life which you may have felt must be missing.
  • Deeply rejuvenate yourself from within i.e. mind, body and soul.
  • A uniquely spiritual addition to your pilgrimage plans.
  • Have a refreshing experience since Char Dham Yatra is extremely challenging.

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