Barkot, A Stupendous Place in Uttarakhand

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Barkot, A Stupendous Place in Uttarakhand

Barkot, a picturesque destination amid the gigantic peaks of the majestic Himalayas falls in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi district. It’s very close to the Yamunotri Dham. The mesmerizing landscape of the region, the delectable apple orchards, the gushing Yamuna River all adorn Barkot with an irresistible natural beauty that draws nature lovers, adventurers to Barkot from far and wide. Today Barkot has developed into a prominent holiday destination. The travel guide below will help you if you have any plans to set out for the Barkot tour. Read on..


Barkot is perched at a total elevation of 1220 meters above the sea level in the state of Uttarkhand. It’s an extremely popular place in North Eastern Uttarkhand because of its proximity to Yamunotri (it is only 49 km away) and its scenic beauty. Tourists who come to visit the Chard Dhams often travel via Barkot and hence it’s well known in the Indian religious tourist Uttarkashi tour circuit. The Barkot religious destination and hill station gives an awesome view of the stunning Banderpooch peak and other beautiful mountain peaks of the Grand Himalayas. Though little known it is an undeniable fact that there are many adventure destinations and entertaining sports activities along with trekking facilities in Barkot.

Why Visit Barkot

This hill station is an undisturbed and peaceful hamlet, where people visit to gain some peace of mind and observe tranquility. Barkot is host to offering the surrounding sights of the famous and majestically iconic Bandarpunch peak. This place is an ideal place for bird watching and going on forest strolls. You can indulge in some delicious fresh fruit produce from the apple and fruit orchards. Other than the obvious natural beauty this place is also a stopover spot for pilgrims and devotees who are on their way to visit the char dham sites of Uttarakhand. Barkot is dotted with numerous ashrams and several holy shrines of religious importance. Barkot is also home to several adventure sports activities like hiking, trekking, white river rafting and many more.

Best Time to Visit Barkot

The summer months of April, May and June are considered to be the most comfortable time to visit Barkot when the temperature is pleasant and does not exceed 29 degree Celsius. However, if you want to experience the classic Himalayan winter chill then visiting Barkot during the winter months of October to February is ideal. Be sure to carry appropriate winter clothing since the temperature during these months drop till 4 and 2 degree Celsius.

How to Reach Barkot

Barkot is about 126 km away from the capital of Uttarkhand and as such is easy to reach by road and rail. Due to Dehradun’s proximity to Barkot the tourist population visits the latter quite frequently. There are many highways connecting Barkot and the best known are National Highway 123 and the National Highway 94.

Attractions of Barkot

There are many religious, scenic and cultural attractions of Barkot which tourists can think of visiting.

Religious Attractions

Yamunotri temple is without doubt the most beautiful spiritual destination of Barkot. Yamunotri is considered to be one of the primary Char Dhams and thousands of devotees target this temple during Char Dham Yatra time (April to October). Taking the blessings of Goddess Yamuna who presides over this temple is considered to be very auspicious.

Shiv Mandir or the Chandreswar mahadev Mandir

Laxminarayan Mandir, Barkot

Laxminarayan Mandir – Old Shiv Mandir which is one of the oldest temples of Uttaranchal.

Surya Kund – Surya Kund is one of the well known religious and therapeutic attractions of Barkot. Local people too frequent the Surya Kund because of the medicinal qualities of the hot sulphur and mineral enhanced water. Tourists have the practice of putting in sweet potatoes and rice grains in the Kund Water and then see them cook before their own eyes. These are then consumed by devotees by way of Prasad.

Natural Attractions

Sunset Point in Barkot gives you the opportunity to witness the splendid scenery of Uttarkhand under the Canopy of the setting sun. This is the perfect place for Barkot sightseeing.

Peach Tree, Barkot

Due to the naturally high elevation of Barkot there is extensive cultivation of many varieties of apples, peaches and apricots. There are touring and apple picking facilities available for tourists during season which is between October and March.

Adventure Attractions

Mountain Climbing, Barkot

Barkot is well known in the domestic as well as International tourist circuit for its adventure activities. There are a number of interesting activities that can be done in Barkot in the company of friends or family. The exciting Veda Camp is situated at an elevation of 2118 meters amidst luxuriant Pine and Chir forests. The tranquil silences, lovely foliage and the interesting selection of birds make this place a hub for nature lovers too. Paragliding, yoga, deep air diving, mountain climbing etc are just some of the adventure activities that are on offer in the Veda Camp in Barkot. Barkot sightseeing cannot be complete without a visit to the Veda Camp.

Excursions from Barkot:

  • Uttarkashi – sitting comfortably at an elevation of 1,352 metres above sea level and at a distance of 2 hours and 41 mins from Barkot, this picturesque hamlet in the Himalayas is one of the most scenic destinations in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Located at a distance of 78 kms from the main town of Hanuman Chatti, and being a religious hub this place is extremely well connected with a wide and dense network of roads. Situated right next to the holy river Bhagirathi this place is home to one of the most reputed and well known mountaineering institutes in India which is Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.
  • Mussoorie – if you are looking for a fun filled, thrilling getaway during your visit to the hills then a visit to the ‘queen of hills’, will definitely be the cure you need. Each day this vibrantly colorful hill station witnesses a throng of tourists from the nearby towns and cities looking to get some time off from the maddening city crowd and relax among the hills. Here you will be able to visit some of the most popular tourist attractions like Kempty falls. Gun Hill, mall road among others.
  • Har ki Doon – this cradle shaped, lush green valley is situated on the south eastern end of the Jaundhar Glacier which sits on an astounding height of 3,566 metres above sea level. This trekking excursion is a dream come true for nature lovers and thrill seekers since the entire route is extremely breathtaking and incredibly gorgeous with colorful flora lining the path.
  • Chakrata – sitting at an elevation of 2,270 metres above sea level in Dehradun district this is a popular tourist cantonment area which is situated between the rivers Tons and Yamuna. Engulfed in forests of coniferous, oak and rhododendrons, the place is blessed with naturally vibrant sceneries and unmatched beauty. This place is an ideal option for people interested in bird watching and adventure activities.

Food of Barkot

When in Barkot, its best to sample the local cuisine which is delicious and flavor some. Because of the religious importance of this town most restaurants and food joints do not stock non vegetarian food. The milk pedas and kheer of Barkot is quite well known.

The food is high in fiber like the local Buck Wheat rotis like Mundua. Hash seeds are used for flavoring food and most dishes have touches of pure desi ghee in them.

When in Barkot don’t forget to sample dishes like Chainsoo, Baadi, Jholi, Ras, Badil, Thechwani and Kafuli. For dessert try out Jhangora ki kheer and Swala which are local jaggery based sweet dishes.

If you are fond of more conventional food then try out North Indian and South Indian dishes which are available at most restaurants and good hotels in Barkot.

Accommodation in Barkot

There are many accommodation options in Barkot travel guide which are available to tourists and they range from Dharamshala to camps to luxury hotels. Its advisable to book quite early as most hotels are fully booked in Char Dham Yatra season.

  • Barkot Chardham Camp is organized near Camp Yamunotri Road in Dobata and tourists can avail comfortable stay and meals at 1800 INR per person.
  • Camp Veda Resort near Sarukhet in Yamunotri Road offers luxury accommodation and gourmet vegetarian food at INR 4000 per person.
  • Aditya Palace in Barkot is furnished like a Lucknow Haveli and offers luxury accommodation and choice cuisine at INR 3300 per person.
Fairs and Festivals in Barkot:
  • Hariyali Devi Fair – held during the monsoon months of July on the auspicious occasion of Harela. This festival marks the welcoming of the new crop season in Barkot.
  • Chhota Kailash Fair – this fair is held annually in the month of February usually during the occasion of Shivratri and is one of the most vibrantly celebrated fairs in the state.
  • Holi Mahotsav – Holi Mahotsav is one of the most popular festivals in the town that clearly and successfully reflects the cultural and traditional rituals of the region.
Travel Tips to Barkot:
  • Pilgrims on their way to Yamunotri Dham can opt to stay at Barkot since it is located at a mere distance of 46 kms.
  • Travelling to Barkot during the monsoon months is not advised since the entire region remains prone to unpredictable landslides and sudden weather changes.
  • There are no ATMs or petrol pumps at Barkot so it is advised for you to carry your cash before proceeding towards Barkot.
Shopping in Barkot

While in Barkot for Uttarkashi tour don’t forget to stock up on woolen garments, Tibetan artifacts, jewelry made of semi-precious stones and colorful duppattas and scarves. You will also get prayer beads and religious paintings here.

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