Pilgrims Would be Able to Enjoy Yak Safari this Year at Badrinath

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Pilgrims Would be Able to Enjoy Yak Safari this Year at Badrinath

In order to promote Yak husbandry in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district, Himalayan Camel safari is being organized in Badrinath.

As per the scheme of Department of Animal Husbandry, Chamoli, tourists and pilgrims of Badrinath would be able to ride on Himalayan camels (yak) and enjoy the natural beauty of Himalayan environs. For the time being, only one yak would be made available in Badrinath premises for the same end. If the scheme succeeds, number of yak in Badrinath would be increased to create more employment opportunities for local youth.

Chardham Yatra by Yak

Chamoli’s Animal husbandry Department has begun this as a pilot project. The yak of Mr. Brijmohan, resident of Ganesh Nagar in Joshimath, has been chosen for the implementation of the scheme. Chief Animal Husbandry Officer Dr. Laukesh Kumar stated that if the scheme emerges successful for this year, the number of yaks would be increased as to make it a viable self-employment option. Well, let us convey our best wishes for the fruitful implementation of the project- May the animals, tourists and the animal farmers truly benefit from this novel scheme!

Yak, Himalayan Camel

During Indo-China war of 1962, a herd of yaks arrived at the Indian boundary. Indian Army handed over the animals to the District Administration. Animal Husbandry Department of Chamoli district has been engaged in the rearing of the animals ever since.

There are 13 yaks in Chamoli district alone, of which 5 are male and 8 female. The animals spend their winters in high-altitude Himalayan regions of Suraithoda and Dronagiri during winters and summers respectively.

There are 67 yaks in the districts of Chamoli, Pithoragarh and Uttarkashi. Yaks are found in Himalayan regions whose altitudes scale above 8000 feet from the sea level. These animals can survive by merely feeding on ice for 15-20 days, earning them the title of ‘Himalayan Camels’.

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