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badrinath highwayThe Badrinath Highway or the Rashtriya Rajmarg which had been closed during the last 3 days has opened in Khachra in Wednesday. The vehicles in that area can now pass through the highway since Wednesday.

After the re-opening of the highway, 23 vehicles which were stranded in Badrinath were rescued while 255 more vehicles reached the holy destination of Badrinath to pay homage to Badrinath Maharaj. Due to torrential rains on 15th August a part of the Badrinath highway (about 30 meter) near Lambgarh had been submerged under water.

The passage of vehicles through Badrinath had stopped since then and devotees and pilgrims had to traverse a 10 km long stretch on foot to reach the Dham. Last Wednesday the BRO and 40 workers took the initiative of filling in the 30 meter tract with stones and dirt to create a temporary usable road. Further a 30 meter long wall was created in this area and after this the passage of vehicles started here. There is a steep decline on the highway which creates issues in the passage of vehicles. Shiv Singh who had gone on the Badrinath Dham Tirthyatra opined that devotees were desperately waiting for the highway to open. It was finally in the evening that devotees managed to reach Badrinath. Devotees were scared of the highway closing again so many devotees returned to Joshimath after completing Darshan in the night.

BRO commander Colonel R Subhramanyam said that the highway repairing work was carried on for three days. The Nala at Khachra has been diverted and the nagging rains in the area have impaired the work progress on the highway. Rainfall has been seen on and off on the highway in the last few weeks and this is a cause of concern for pilgrims.

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