The Army Assists in Connecting Ladakh to Chardham Extending Connectivity Till Dharchula

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Ladakh To Chardham Through TunnelingThe Central Command of Lucknow, Major General Rajiv Pant has issued a statement saying that the army will assist in the construction of a tunnel from Ladakh to Char Dham. The tunneling will make sure that easy connectivity is established till Dharchula. These statements were issues by Major Pant after his meeting with C.M Harish Rawat at Bijapur House. During the course of the meeting Major Rajiv Pant suggested engaging the army in the fortification of the transport system and extending the boundaries of connectivity. He assured the full support of the army in the proposed tunneling project. A holistic plan for emergency evacuation procedure and disaster management programs has also been discussed.

Commenting on the disturbances and the connectivity issues that arise on the boundary areas General Pant assured the C.M Mr Rawat that his worries on the same will soon be resolved. He also assured that the work of tunneling a route from Ladakh to Chardham while extending proper connectivity to Dharchula was already in progress and the Army was using its best resources on the project. Both C.M Harish Rawat and Major General Pant expressed hope that the completion of this project will boost the tourism and transport facilities thus helping to lift the economy of the region. Like Jammu and Kashmir there are arrangements of providing general help centers and medical camps within a range of 100 km from the border. This initiative comes under the official name of Operation Samvedna and has been widely appreciated.

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