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To pray for the ‘winning’ of the team they are supporting in the IPL Final match, mother of industrialist Mukesh Ambani, Kokila Ben, his sister Lata, wife Nita Ambani and son Hari Anant reached Badrinath and made a ‘darshan’ of the shrine.

They reached the dham around 11’o clock in the morning by Helicopter. Earlier it was announced that the family of Mukesh Ambani would arrive on Thursday. On the morning of Friday nearly 12000 devotees had gathered at Badrinath dham.Ambani Family

After the ‘darshan’ of Badrinath Ji the family of Mukesh Ambani left for Kedarnath dham at about 1 pm. During this time, Nita Ambani committed to offer 5 ‘Kuntal sandalwood and 1 Kuntal Kesar for the next year’s Badrinath Yatra. At the same time she also promised to provide Bolero cars to the officers in charge of the Temple to cater to their traveling needs.

According to declared statistics ever since the doors of the dham were thrown open, 79000 devotees reached the dham until this Friday. Due to clear weather, devotees were pouring in large numbers at the dham
Prior to this, on Thursday nearly 3284 pilgrims reached Badrinath dham for darshan. On Thursday, the very famed Heroine of Hindi movies, Himani Shivpuri also made a darshan of Badrinath dham. Himani Shivpuri had spent nearly 3 hours at Badrinath dham.

These days due to a rising number of pilgrims pouring in each day, pilgrims are compelled to line up in queues right from 8’o clock in the morning.

On Thursday, 2909 devotees reached the Kedarnath shrine and paid revered tribute to the deity. After the doors were thrown open, it is seen that the number of devotees who wish to complete darshan in one day are the maximum. Among the visitors there were 8 foreign lady pilgrims, 1551 males, 1287 females, and 70 kids. Ever since the doors have been thrown open, nearly 43000 pilgrims have completed their darshan most successfully.

On Thursday within 12 noon around 1759 pilgrims started their journey from Sonprayag towards Kedarnath by foot. At the same time 307 pilgrims had already returned by evening after completing their darshan. Also pilgrims from different corners of the nation reached for the darshan of various other religious sites like Second Kedar Tungnath, Third Kedar Madhyamaheshwar dham along with Vishwanath Temple, Guptakashi, Sidhi Peeth Kali Math, Narayan Temple Groups, Narayankoti and Trijuginarayan.

Kedarnath Received light Showers
There was bright sunshine in Kedarnath dham on Thursday morning but in the afternoon clouds covered the sky and after 3 pm light showers poured down on Kedarnath. During this time the maximum temperatures recorded was 20 degree Celsius and minimum temperature recorded was 9.2 degree Celsius.

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