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When to Visit Kedarnath Temple – Weather & Climate Information

The best time to visit Kedarnath falls in between May-June and September-October. The ‘best’ time to visit Kedarnath, or any other revered spot, depends largely on your own preferences. Many choose to join in the worship during the peak pilgrimage season of the summer (May-June). While some prefer to wait until the monsoon recedes and crowds lessen so as to be able to immerse themselves deeper in the spiritual sanctity of the sacred land.

Kedarnath during winter

As is true of many shrines in Himalayas, Kedarnath remains closed during the extreme winter season. As the temple is situated at about an altitude of 3,583 m, the temple is situated in a region marked for its extreme wintry conditions. This is why the winter abode of the deity is at Ukhimath’s Omkareswar Temple. You might be surprised to know Ukhimath Temple worships the idols of Kedarnath along with Madhmaheswar and Tungnath during winter.

Kedarnath Temple Opening and Closing Dates

The temple doors open on Akshaya Tritiya. This auspicious day is celebrated as the heralding day for spring. It falls on the last weeks of April. The temple doors remain open for darshan till Kartika Purnima, the full moon that falls usually in the month of November. Thus, one’s time period to visit Badrinath is between Aprils (end) – November (beginning). Let us now proceed to give you a monthly record of the weather in Kedarnath region so that you can make more informed choices about the ideal time for Kedarnath Yatra.

Kedarnath Current Weather – Temperature – Weekly Forecast

Monthly Record of Kedarnath’s Weather

April (end) – May: – The temperature level falls in between the range of 5 ° C and 14 °C. During this time, winter marks her recession from the terrain. The moderately cold weather makes it an ideal time for initiation of the pilgrim season. At higher altitudes, one do come across snow though.

June: – Temperature range falls in between 9°C and 18°C. The month of June marks the peak of summer season. No wonder most of the trekking and adventurous activities happen during this month only. The temple premises register greater pilgrim crowds.

July: – Once the monsoon season begins, it is advisable to avoid travelling to the shrine especially in the aftermath of the catastrophic consequences of 2013 floods we are all aware of. The region is highly susceptible to landslides and subsequent disruption of trekking routes.

August: The monsoon season continues. It might causes hindrances in travel if you choose to visit Kedarnath during this time. Temperature range falls in between 10 ° C and 18 °C.

September: Monsoon showers have receded by now. Temperature level falls in between 8° C and 15 °C. The landscape offers herself in some of her best attire to the enchanted beholder. Adventurous activities are resumed.

October- November (beginning): The minimum temperature typically recorded is around 5 ° C, while maximum looms at around 12 °C. As this period marks the end of the pilgrim season, crowds lessen.

November – April: The sacred shrine is closed during the period. Entry of visitors is barred. It is said that during this time, Bhairav Nath, the fierce form of Shiva worshipped at a smaller abode at 1 km distance from the main temple guards the entire region.

Visiting Kedarnath is quite challenging as it involves an uphill trek for 16-20 km from Sonprayag/Gaurikund. It really is a blessing to experience the Lord’s darshan after such strenuous physical exertion. Talk of a true pilgrimage in this modern era! Also, recent innovations in transport like Helicopter services to Kedarnath have helped those who wish to remit the perils of journey but want to have the divine darshan of Kedarnath. Hopefully, whichever mode you choose to arrive at the temple, you will choose the ideal time keeping in mind the weather patterns and topographical variants of Kedarnath.

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