How to Reach Badrinath – Badrinath Route Map

Badrinath Road Map

Badrinath is the home of Lord Vishnu and takes its name from the Badri tree. Legend has it that Lord Vishnu meditated here for millenia and Lakshmi Devi sheltered him all the while. It is an important spot on the Vaishnava pilgrimage map of India, being one of the 108 Divya Desams of Vishnu and also one of the destinations in the major Char Dham circuit.  It entails time and labor to reach Badrinath but a Darshan of the Lord is soul-satisfying.

Badrinath can be reached by pilgrims from any corner of India and there is more than one route map to Badrinath. The usual method is to go by train to Haridwar and from here you proceed by road, hiring a taxi, a car or travelling by bus. One can also fly in to Jolly Grant airport near Dehradun, and drive the rest of the 317 km to Badrinath. These days you can join a helicopter charter and cut short time and effort to reach Badrinath, have a darshan and return the same day.  If you travel by train from anywhere in India, you will probably arrive in Haridwar, a major junction. You can choose to go on to Rishikesh by train or Kotdwar but it is more convenient to travel by road from Haridwar to the shrine.

How to Reach Badrinath by Road from Haridwar

Haridwar is the starting point for the Badrinath Yatra since it is well connected by road and rail to the rest of India. Badrinath is about 528 km from Delhi and one can travel by coach or by car to Badrinath over NH 58 through the Mana Pass. It takes about 12 hours to cover the distance.

From Delhi one arrives at Haridwar, a distance of 210 km. From Haridwar the road takes you to Rishikesh, about 25 km away and from here to Devprayag is a journey across winding roads over mountains, a distance of 75 km. From Devprayag you proceed to Srinagar and then to Rudraprayag, a distance of 67 km. stopping at both places is recommended since both are pilgrimage spots in their own right. The next stop Karnaprayag, about 32 km away, is also an important confluence as is Nandprayag, about 22.5 km on the road to Chamoli. Chamoli to Joshimath takes you a distance of 50.6 km across beautiful countryside, a pilgrimage in itself. Joshimath to Badrinath is the last leg over a distance of 45.7 km.

delhi badrinath distance

Alternate Approaches

If you have been to Kedarnath and wish to visit Badrinath from there you can travel to Chopta and drive on to Mandal and then onward to Badrinath via Gopeshwar.

Badrinath Route Map  from Various Cities

Badrinath can be reached from various cities and the route map for each is as follows-

  • Mumbai to Badrinath is a distance of 1972 km if you travel by road. The usual method is to fly by air to Delhi or to Dehradun and then go the rest of the way by road. You can take the Garib Rath train to Delhi and then proceed to Badrinath via Haridwar.
  • Chennai to Badrinath is a distance of 2578 km by road. Fly to Delhi and proceed to Haridwar-Badrinath by road. You can travel by Nizam Express to Haridwar and travel by road the rest of the way.
  • Hyderabad to Badrinath is a distance of 1979 kms by road. Fly to Delhi and proceed to Badrinath by road or travel by Nizam Duronto to Haridwar by train.
  • From Bangalore to Badrinath you have to travel a distance of 2521 km by road. Fly to Delhi or catch the Duronto Express to Haridwar and proceed by road.
  • Kolkata to Badrinath distance is 1712 kms. The usual method is to fly to Delhi or to Dehradun and proceed by road. You can catch the Kumbha Express to Haridwar.
  • Ahmedabad to Badrinath distance is 1440 kms by road. Take the train to Haridwar and then proceed to Badrinath.
  • Pune to Badrinath distance is 1973 km by road. Take the Duronto Express to Haridwar and precede by road the rest of the way.

Route Map from Delhi to Badrinath via Haridwar

Delhi to Haridwar (210 km) – Rishikesh (25 km) – Devprayag (75 km) – Srinagar (34 km) –Rudraprayag (34 km) –Karnaprayag (32 km) – Nandprayag (22.5 km ) –Chamoli (10.4 km) – Joshimath (50.6 km) – Badrinath (45.7 km)

Kedarnath To Badrinath Rout Map

Route 1 via Chopta: Gaurikund (16 by trekking) – Phata (15.3km)- Guptakashi (14.4km) – Kund (9.4km) – Ukhimath (6.4km) – Chopta (63km) – Gopeshwar (40km)- Chamoli (8.8km) – Joshimath (51km) – Vishnuprayag (14km) Govindghat (13km) – Badrinath (25km).

Route 2 via Rudraprayag: Gaurikund (16 by trekking) – Phata (15.3km)- Guptakashi (14.4km) – Kund (9.4km – Agustumuni (44km) – Rudraprayag (61.4km)– Karnaprayag (32km) – Nandprayag (23km) – Chamoli (11km) – Joshimath (51km) – Vishnuprayag (14km) Govindghat (13km) – Badrinath (25km).

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