Yamunotri Temple

Yamunotri Yatra by Helicopter – Fast and Convenient

Hinduism is not just religion; it is also a way of life. Consider the system of “ashramas”. An individual’s life can be divided into four sections. Brahmacharya represents student life, grihastha ashram represents married life, vanaprastha ashram represents retirement and sanyasa represents the last stage of renunciation. It is usual for people to marry, bring up children and then retire, a period in which they usually set off on pilgrimages…


Top 11 Most Popular & Beautiful Hill Stations of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand, the land of paradisiacal beauty set amid the lofty peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas is famed enough for the many significant temples and pilgrimage spots dotting the land. But the land needs a special mention for its many idyllic hill stations too. Popular Beautiful Hill Stations in Uttarakhand is the most mesmerizing locations in the lap of pristine nature, far away from the hullabaloo and chaos of the cities on the…

Chitai Mandir

Write a Letter to the Temple Deity and Achieve the Love of Your Life

You must have read about the various places in the world by visiting which you could get your much sought-after love. In our country too there’s one such place that unites the loving hearts. If your family is against your ‘love’ then you could come to this temple of Uttarakhand to win over your love.  At this Chitai temple of Almora nearly 400 weddings are solemnized each year which implies…

khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho: Temples of Love

Khajuraho group monuments are one of the seven wonders of the India. It is also listed in UNESCO world heritage site. The reason why it is the main attraction in Madhya Pradesh state is because Khajuraho is a town which has a large group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples with erotic carved sculptures. Khajuraho means golden dates palms, known as khajur in Hindi. It is said in olden days…